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Government allows many risks to our health one bite at a time – Some cancer causing toxins found in sewage sludge include plutonium, radiation, Teflon type chemicals like PFO’s and PFOA’s and antibacterial soap byproducts. Flame retardants are found in every sample of sewage sludge i

Welcome to the United Sludge-Free Alliance

Millions of tons of sewage sludge are used to fertilize fields where your family's food is grown, parkland, athletic fields, and even playgrounds.

Sludge is a toxic stew of not only human, waste, but everything else that goes down every drain. This site is intended to give you the information you need, whether you're learning about this issue for the first time or you've been fighting the use of sludge as a fertilizer for years. Our site offers hundreds of downloadable articles, videos, toolkit resources, and the special features listed below.


BIOSLUDGED: Health Ranger warns EPA has unleashed a “devastating vector for bioterrorism against ourselves”