Deep State Internet Shills and Trolls

Discerning who is and who isn't is the challenge. They are everywhere

In my opinion two of the greatest movies ever made was They Live and Matrix especially Matrix because the concept that reality isn't what you think it is and is on a whole other level and when you wake up it is hard to do, and the people around you don't want to be unplugged from  the false narrative they live and will fight tooth and nail to keep the false reality going. Matrix hit really hard with me back in the 90's I could really relate to it.

    So in the context of Matrix the world is filled with agent smith, these are the people that make the unplugged people from the matrix look crazy and make the plugged in people want to stay away from finding out the truth. This video describes it very well, the challenge is to stay unplugged and not to be thrown off or disuaded.