5 Ideas For Using Packaging During An Event

5 Ideas For Using Packaging During An Event


Your packaging can be used as a central element during an event. The following examples will show you how to turn your packaging into the versatile element of your event.

When thinking about brand packaging, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the boxes used for direct delivery. Indeed, this is what the majority of e-commerce brands do.

But it is a much more subtle art.

For example, we have seen our customers order all types of boxes for completely different uses. Also, we saw a simple cardboard box used in a thousand and one different ways.

In this article, we:

- you will present our own customers and their packaging dedicated to events

- define the most important features of event packaging

- help you choose the right packaging for your customer (if you are part of a marketing agency that wants to surprise a customer)

In our Inspirations collection , we showcase the work of European customers. We talk about their designs and sometimes they share the story behind the brand.

In addition, it is an opportunity to observe different examples of packaging. Aside from the traditional model of the cardboard box sent to customers, we have seen many atypical concepts.

# 1 Use it as an Interior Design
Cardboard boxes are the most durable products available. They have been designed to send the heaviest items, which are usually collected for longer deliveries. We did not imagine that these boxes were used in an exhibition .

The design studio UAU Projects has incorporated their cardboard boxes into the design of their exhibition. Thus, the company's products (the most innovative decor ever) were presented on Packhelp's cardboard boxes.

What is the result for a marketing agency?

You can design cool boxes and use them in a practical and decorative way. If your customers want to introduce new products, why not present them in a unique and original way?

# 2 Use them as an invitation
A package in itself can be used as an invitation. Take the example of BMW who used this concept wonderfully well.

BMW designed a beautiful consumable black box that was an invitation to try their latest model. This dazzling project is a fantastic idea for a marketing agency that wants to find a unique way to invite a customer somewhere - a great way to convince the most skeptical of influencers.

# 3 Use it as a Press Pack
Press kits are a set of items given to journalists at a conference or media event. Even if you do not manage Public Relations, you can learn very useful things from the press kit. For example, how to create a gift box for people attending your events .

If you are organizing an event for your brand, add a box with a surprise gift.

For example, this could be a cocktail kit for an event organized by a company that makes vodka. Thus, each guest would receive a branded box with a few small items that will remind the guest of the product and event.

# 4 Choose the Quality Rather than the Quantity
Major events are rarely organized by agencies. On the contrary, most of them are small scale events. So, that often means that budgets are limited.

So why spend money in boxes?

The packaging is the only thing guests of an event can bring home. Take the example of concert tickets - why do you need a piece of paper with a date and a barcode?

concert tickets

Because they remind you of good memories.

An event package does the same thing. Your client's event will have a bigger impact, if participants can bring something home. For example, a box with a product sample or even a box that will serve as a container.

# 5 Use Multiple Finishes to Get Out of the Lot
However, a package for an event requires time for its creation. Although subscription box services use a simple cardboard box with a logo, the same thing may not be suitable for a single event.

In other words, the box will have to echo the themes developed during the event.

On the other hand, a nice way to beautify your packaging is to use unique printing techniques, such as heat transfer and embossing, to create shiny elements on the surface. Also, it is possible to add a pattern inside the box or ribbon to create a "gift box".

The options are many - you can also opt for a special Christmas option!

It's your turn
If you are a marketer, you probably know that it is not easy to organize a customer event.

Indeed, it takes a considerable effort to convince others that your ideas are good. They might hesitate and ask "if this is really necessary".

This article provides you with some answers to these questions. The packaging enriches your event and makes it more memorable.