A young immigrant's view on Donald Trump.

Often the media portrays immigrants as anti-Trump. This is my story on why I support President Donald Trump and his immigration policies.


             There seems to be a lot of stories coming from the main stream Media painting Donald Trump as an anti-Immigrant president. As an immigrant myself, there came a time where I had to put that to the test. I had to find out on my own where I am accepted in this country, and what each political party stands for. I had the privilege to see each side’s argument without a biased opinion of either party due to my lack of knowledge about American politics.

              My interest in politics started with the election year when John McCain and Former President Barack Obama ran for the highest office in the United States. There seemed to be a lot of conversations about what each party wants to do, and how they want to Improve this country. Everyone tried to give a solution to certain problems, each claiming one’s policy is better than the others.  I listened to each person’s argument and began to research each party. Through my research I began to see that I lean more Republican than any other party. Though the interest was there, the enthusiasm was not there.

              Eight years of President Barack Obama passed, and my knowledge of politics also grew within those eight years. The lives of most people did not seem to improve as promised, and the promises made did not seem to be fulfilled. He was another Promise much, do nothing president. I began to see policies being implemented that were leaning so far left that I could not support. The sounds of higher taxes, forced mandates of a failed health care system, low economic growth, support of radicalized countries and back door deals made by this administration began to ring louder and louder. An administration that promised transparency lacked transparency. How can this administration promise a brighter future, yet a 2.1 GDP seemed to be the new normal? I saw an administration that put the needs of those coming in this country Illegally above its own citizens. This Administration seemed to be more interested in putting other countries above its own. The regulations that began to send jobs out of this country seemed of no concern to them. How can this administration claim to love this Country when they don’t care about its own people? I come from a country that doesn’t care about its people. Romania has politicians that put their own interests above the people. This all began to seem so familiar.

                The year 2016 came and Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidential run. I was not a fan nor a supporter of his. I began to think this is a joke, and that he’s another rich person. I threw my support behind Senator Ted Crus from Texas. He had values and policies that I believed in and that I could support. I’m a conservative and Ted Cruz represented me. He fought for ideas I believe in, and I knew he would help put this country back on the right track.

                When the race got heated up between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, I began to strongly dislike Donald Trump. It was never because I didn’t agree with his ideas, it was because I didn’t agree with his approach and attack on the candidate I supported. I was unable to hear him out due to my dislike of his attacks on the candidate I supported.

                Soon after the primaries ended and the general elections started between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I began to listen carefully. I listened to both sides and that’s when I began to see it for myself. I began to realize that this man has nothing to gain from this and a lot to lose. I saw that his love for this country and his America First policies are rooted from his love of this great country. His tough approach and his ability to put political correctness aside brought to light many issues that people in this country faced. It brought to light corruption, and how other countries are taking advantage of us. I remember Donald Trump saying this phrase, “The forgotten men and women are no longer forgotten”. Donald Trump was a voice for those that have been forgotten. His desire was to see all Americans prosper no matter your skin color, no matter your religion, no matter where you came from. If you were an American, he wanted you to have a part of the American dream.

               You see, that’s where I come into this story. Donald Trump is a president for ALL Americans. I became an American citizen on June 2017. That was one of the proudest moments of my life. This was the greatest Country in the world where anyone no matter where you started or where you came from can have a chance at becoming something and having a part of the American dream. President Donald Trump knew that his main duty is to the American people. He swore an oath to protect and serve this country and to put America’s interest before anyone else. What I saw in President Trump was someone who loves All Americans. For a long time now, all we keep hearing from the Media is that Donald Trump hates immigrants. That couldn’t be farther from the Truth. President Donald Trump is improving America’s economy and the lives of all those who come here, follow the law, and obey the law. As long as you do that, you are part of this country. As an immigrant who came here legally, I was able to put my full support behind Donald Trump because I was included in the American Dream. I was made part of this great country and its success.  

- Josh Olar 11/20/18 

Trump and his love for AmericaPicture taken from: https://ilovemyfreedom.org/must-see-new-painting-donald-trump-moving/