Why Jerry Brown was right. Everything, including global warming can be blamed on Trump.

Example of good forest management in California


this is an example of how clean and pristine the environment in Fair Oaks, California is.

It is exactly why we do NOT have woodland wild fires that rage out of control and burn down villages and towns.   You can see everthing so well because some one who manages  the park district in Sacramento county hired a bunch of sheepherders (from Mexico I think) to bring 400 head of sheep, a dozen goats and 4 or 5 dogs,  up to the park late last spring.  The strung electrical fence wiring to pen the sheep, goats, dogs moving it every couple of days as the the animals ate the green grass.  So everything laying in the grass is now easy to see because there is very little grass.  Don't worry tho, it will grow back as soon as the rains come.