Will You Help in the Fight?

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is dedicated to protecting and preserving the freedom of consumers to legally purchase safe kratom products. Information and Link to donate and FIGHT!


Ohio was a HUGE victory for kratom consumers, and we now have a commitment from an Ohio Representative to file the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. 
    So the FDA is fighting back and looking to stop our momentum – and they are winning the battle in Mississippi by spreading their propaganda right now.
     And we are running out of money to fight back against their massive PR campaign demonizing kratom.

Here’s the deal:  AKA now has active lobbying going on in Wisconsin, Alabama, Rhode Island, and Arkansas (those are all states where kratom is currently banned).

And we are lobbying right now in Ohio, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, Colorado, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kansas.

That’s 19 STATES where I have to allocate tight resources to protect and keep kratom legal.

But I have to be completely honest, the outlook is pretty grim.

I want to repeat the victory we had in Ohio.

And the great victories we had in Utah, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

That’s the way we win against the FDA and their taxpayer-funded War on Kratom.

And we need to do the same thing in Mississippi that we did in Ohio, and we have to start that battle immediately.

Right now I have to raise $80,000 a month just to keep our lobbyists on the ground and educating legislators about the TRUTH on kratom.

Before you do anything else, please chip in $25, $50, $100 or $250 right away.



200% MATCH OF $25
200% MATCH of $50
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200% MATCH of $250
200% MATCH of $500
200% MATCH of Other Amount

Join me in making certain we continue to win against the tyranny of the FDA!


Dave Herman