WOW classic: Are Rising Item Prices Frightening Players?







After the state announcement of times badge price increase by World of Warcraft nostalgic clothes yesterday, as a result of collapse from the price of gold coins in past times two days, many players believe the time badge will likely be marked to about 1,000 gold amongst people. However, it can be surprising that after some time badge was already released today, the value is not as high as players think.



This morning, in the event the World of Warcraft nostalgia glory badge was officially launched, the cost was 625 gold. Although this price is a state uniform price. However, according to the valuation on 90 yuan to get a badge, it has to be 0.144 when changed into WOW Classic Gold For Sale. Although this pricing is much higher versus the current gold coin valuation on many servers, it truly is obviously as good as 1000G.


According to several servers, the tariff of some server time badges is about 75R, plus some are around 100R, but twenty minutes after the badge went online, his price has risen to 637G. For buyers of scarce gold, it felt panic. After all, planting gold amongst players requires a considerable amount of time and energy. After you have harvested the gold you may need, the things you'll need to buy could possibly have gone offline or increased in price. Therefore, planting gold hanging around can only take care of those items with relatively fixed prices and low demand. But when you have the need for it, it's easy to face the awkward situation of insufficient money.



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