How Mumblit Protects Free Speech Better Than Any Other Network

Mumblit is the real free speech social media network. How does Mumblit compare with the other networks that claim to protect your speech as well?

Let's face it. There are a lot of Facebook and Twitter clones out there looking to ride along the coat-tails of what these networks are doing right and wrong. Because of this, compeition among the smaller networks popping up each day has gotten brutal. Claims are being tossed everywhere, ranging from being the best at putting it's membrrs first, all the way to protecting the basic rights of each user. This is great, and something that the larger networks should be taking a look at. Mumblit chooses to be placed in the fray of this fight, advocating for both user experiece and the rights of each person.

We are going to compare the main components of each of the larger competitiors and find how they compare to Mumblit's model.

 MumblitDemocracy DeliveredRed-PilledGABMeWe
Ease of UseEasyDifficultEasyDifficultDifficult
Free SpeechYesNoYesNoNo

As you can see, Mumblit scores better than the other 4, however, lacks membership to support all of these feaures.

The results above can be misleading, so lets take a better look into why these scores were compiled the way they were.

Democracy Delivered - This site claims it supports free speech, however, does not. Its terms of service specifically cites that it can censor speech it feels does not support the stadards of it's site. Also, this site claims to make you money, and has shifted from a social media site to an online shopping mall instead. The features involved barely stack up  against an actual social media site, beng very basic, cumbersome to nagvigate, and remdial in design appeal.

Red-Pilled - This site is extremely basic, and seems to use cumbersome conntrols, lack of real content, and inability to get support when issues arise. Most folks have tended to avoid this site, as it has caused several strikes agaibst itself for deleting posts that mention any of its issues.

GAB - Gab has tried to change its base several times, and has attracted a lot of users on the basis of word of mouth. However, folks have found that they censor speech that do not ffall in line with their standards (mentioned in the TOS). Also, GAB has had their payment processors brought into question and told that they can not use them (paypal, namely) because of suspicious contributions totaling more than $300k USD from Russian sources. This has brought their integrity seriously into question.

MeWe - This site is easy to use and has great support for thos needing help. However, everything else about it is just a glrified forum. Lack of features, design, and actual content keeps this site from moving forward and being an activve competitor. 


Given the pros and cons of each, it is safe to say they have had a great deal of difficulty putting together a full package that makes them leading competitors with the larger fish in the ocean. GAB has a lot of users, but still fails to produce a design oriented, easy to use interface with the features needed to support this base of users.

Because of these factors, Mumblit will continue to push ahead and emerge as the leading free speech social media platform.