URGENT: We Need Your Help! (to spread the word via email)

Let's try to get a massive email chain going... it could make a game-changing difference!

While some of us have gotten away from email, it's still one of the most widely used and most powerful ways to reach people. 

We don't have the advertising resources that the big Silicon Valley folks do, so we need to creat an awesome ground game, which includes copying and pasting the email below and sending it to all of your pro-Trump contacts!

If even a fraction of TrumpTown members did this, we could be a small army by tomorrow morning. In order to make this thing work, we need members... and lots of them. 

Will you help us out by sending the above email to 10 of your pro-Trump contacts? 

You guys are literally the best! 

Instructions: Create a new email, copy and paste the below text, send to as many contacts as you can. 


Friends and family,

It's very well known that Facebook, Twitter and other mainstream social networks are censoring and "ghosting" conservative content -- especially content that favors President Donald Trump.

But guess what? Now there's an alternative to those sites that is getting more popular by the hour! A place where pro-Trump conservatives can speak their mind without the fear of being banned or suspended. Oh, and they're pro-gun, too!


It's free to register and use! You can even create/join groups and pages just like Facebook. It's super easy to use and already full of awesome, like-minded folks. Really awesome community.

They don't have the advertising resources that the big players do, so they're depending on us to forward this email to pro-Trump friends and family. It's super important to make this new platform as big as possible so that they won't be forced out by liberal Silicon Valley tech companies.

So, after you join TrumpTown.com, can you forward this email to 10 of your contacts? Help make a difference!

Thanks! #MAGA #Trump2020 #TrumpTown