Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Review

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Brief Review


The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch was first presented at the International Electronics Show (CES) and this is one of the first Android Wear smart watches that really differs from all other mass-produced watches. They took leaps and bounds forward from everyday watches.

A smart watch with a slightly annoying long name Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 is perfect for active people who love outdoor recreation. They are dustproof and waterproof, shockproof and vibration resistant, which is certified by the US military standard.

In general, Casio's Android Wear smartwatch is a wonderful hardcore. But what about the specifics?


Glossy or elegant are clearly not synonyms that can be applied to Casio watches or their WSD-F 10 in particular. Rather, the phrase sassy and massive block will do. And it’s not in vain.

The Casio smartwatch was tested in dust-proof military standard MIL — STD 0810 — and was shockproof, and its water resistance was tested at a depth of 50 meters.

Their weight is 90 grams, which is quite solid for a watch. Their respectability is objective, given the size and level of protection from the effects of surrounding elements.

Smart Outdoor Watch is presented in four colors, namely in green, orange, black and red. They look much more presentable than the average smartwatch.


The design of this watch is far from the standards boring to all. The display does not find anything useful for correspondence or communication. The 3.35 cm liquid crystal touch screen with a resolution of 320 × 300 does not produce the proper impression, but it copes with all its functions perfectly. The pixel density per two centimeters of the screen is 332 ppi and this is a rather high figure.

This smart watch has one interesting feature. Their screen is equipped with a second monochrome display, which can be used instead of the color panel. Why? The beautiful color of the display shows the duration of the battery charge and instead of one day using the main screen, you can use the monochrome screen and its uninterruptible power supply (UPS), with which the battery life can reach a month.

This significantly reduces the energy consumption of smart watches. When the monochrome screen turns off, all sensors also stop consuming energy, which extends the battery life.

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We do not have information about the processor used in the watch yet, but we will try to update it as soon as we receive additional information.

Sensor and applications

Smart watches, stuffed with all their bells and whistles, are perfect for active life in the open air, and it's not just about their size. Inside there are air pressure and altitude sensors, as well as a magnetic compass.

In addition, there is an accelerometer, magnetometer and hygrometer. What are they needed for? Well, for example, a special button on the smart watch WSD-F10 will display the graph of your movement on the map, the time of sunsets and sunrises, tides and ebbs, which is very useful for travelers.

Built-in applications in the WSD-F10 are focused on fishing, mountaineering and cycling, there are also branded applications for smartphones. The watch is compatible with the ViewRanger GPS application , which is great for hiking trails.

Unfortunately, Casio smart watches are not equipped with GPS , and it is not clear whether it can be installed from a smartphone. This will be an unpleasant surprise for those who like hiking and walking in the fresh air.