US Constitution is right to save or left to be destroyed.

Two major political parties, two opposed ideals. One that will preserve and one that seeks to diminish the United State Constitution. Op-ed.



When voting, it comes down to two choices. Either your choice is to preserve our Constitution or diminish it. Intent.

Same for a media news report.

Same when we teach math, science, language, American and world history to our children.

Imagination if you will a giant clear container filled with marbles. One billion marbles. Each marble represents an idea. A piece of information. 

Now, consider a 3 year old child with 3 large containers (jars). Every day that child gets marbles to put in those containers as he or she matures and throughout adulthood. One container is white. This is where the child puts how to tie shoes, tell time and what's 1+1 is. We'll leave the white container alone for purpose of discussion and call our child here Kim for the same reason. Kim is both male and a female 1st name.

The other two, one is red and the other blue.

Kim is told that playing sports is bad. What jar dose that marble go in?

Kim and friends get a snow day off from jr. high school. Makes money shoveling sidewalks. Which jar?

Kim's teachers at school are lazy during Kim's high school freshman year. How many marble for each jar?

Kim watches the news most nights with his parents at the dinner table. Dad's blue collar. Mom is collage educated and works in an office. How many, what jars?

Kim is an adult now. Election time is coming. Hears what on the news about each candidate. Kim is going to vote, pick either red or blue. Is Kim going to pick either for the Constitution or against it? NO. Kim has no context of that. Kim may or may not have a feeling for that. But that was never laid out to Kim that way. Mostly that was hidden from Kim, Kim's friends family. Issue and rhetoric of the day, sure. But the Big Big picture. Not hardly.

Why? Because, we the people, the left, right or center Media talking heads and op-eds, red politicians and others don't lat it out that way. When talking about politics the constitution is not written on the marble.

So, hypothetically, I or you are talking with Kim, or Ted or Pam, at the local diner counter. Its October 3rd with elections a month away. So the conversation may go like like this.

I Ask... "Are you for or against the constitution?''

Kim, or Ted or Pam... "I'm for it."

"So you like having it with the freedoms it provides?"


"So then, I assume your leaning Repuplican?"

"No. I'm a Democrat."

"But the Democrat Party leaders only pay lip service to the constitution when it suits them. They really don't want any document that hold them accountable to the people or the rule of law. Just saying..."

 Kim, or Ted or Pam could take the conversation any where from here. The point here is to reasonably point out the big picture. To have a document that is for everyone's benefit and puts the people of the land first or not have such and puts government first.