1st Lady Melania Trump

Thank you Melania for your love and support us and you and <br>President Trump makes the Best Team ever, just wanted to <br>bless and encourage you with this poem, God Bless You! <br>You've bought back beauty and Class to our WH! <br>Thank you Melania Trump!


You Are The Best
(Dedicated to Melania Trump 1st Lady)

Thank you Melania Trump
We are so blessed to have you
You have a sweet spirit and a kind heart too
Your also beautiful and smart

We Honor you
And your family too
Your a wonderful wife
And mother too
We can see your
working hard for your country too

So many are jealous of you
Because of who you are
But do not let this discourage you
Because you shine as a star

It would truly be a honor
To meet you someday
To thank you personally from my heart
I know what I say

You inspire me
Of all you have done
You've showed unconditional love
To all you have met
You reach out your hand in love
To all whom have let

Your humble sweet and kind
With a heart of love in mind
Always thinking of others
As your mothers, sisters and brothers

We are truly blessed
That God has chosen you
To be our Lady of the Land
He knew what He is doing
Guided by His hands too

We Love you
And we want you to know
That you have brought to us
Sunshine and hope so
Be encouraged

May all the negative voices be silenced
Of all their negative and hate
Because there is one thing for sure
You are Great!

I hope that this poem has bless you
And showed you our love
Our prayers are with you
And so is Our Heavenly Father Above

Copyright©2018 And Written By Susan R Smith( Rifle CO)