Dungeon Fighter Online franchise revenue exceeds $ 10 billion

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The network game Dungeon Fighter Online by Nexon has earned over $ 10 billion in 13 years of existence. Nexon revealed revenue data for its flagship title as part of the anniversary event marking the 10th anniversary of the launch of Dungeon Fighter Online in China.

Dungeon Fighter Online is a combination of genres of a role-playing action movie and bitmap, made in sprite 2D-graphics. For players, if there is not much time spent in the game, then how to get more Cheap DFO Gold becomes more important.

The title was developed by the South Korean studio Neople, a subsidiary of Nexon. The game was released on PC in 2005 and quickly became a hit. Three years later, Nexon, in collaboration with the renowned Tencent Corporation, published Dungeon Fighter Online in China, where it was even more successful.

According to the publication Industry Games, the game quickly reached 1 million users online, and at the peak of attendance, more than 5 million gamers gathered on the project’s servers, 3 million of which were located in China.

In August 2016, Dungeon Fighter Online was released on Steam. According to the Steam Spy service, about 1 million people own the game on the Valve platform. Analyst company SuperData called the Nexon title the second highest-grossing free-play PC game of 2017, which earned more than $ 1.6 billion.

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