1st Son Barron Trump

This is a poem I wrote for Barron Trump, I honor him and thank him for
being respectful and great attitude, love it, great young man!


Happy Birthday Barron
Dedicated To Barron Trump)

You are a young man
who has a great future ahead
You are blessed to have your mother and dad
In wisdom and love your wisely led

Some maybe attacking you
because of who you are
Your father is the President
He shines like a star
Let this be an encouragement to you
to listen to your parents
They will carry you through

Each year that you grow older
You'll become wiser and strong
You'll learn many lessons
as you travel along
But, Always remember
You are never alone

Happy Birthday Barron Trump
I wished I could sing you a song
Maybe some way I'll meet you
I hope it won't be long

Someday I could see you
Being a President to this land
Guided by the Lord
and led by His hands
in His perfect timing
He will open the doors

Until then, enjoy being a young man
You are protected by His hands
He will lead and guide you
By His Perfect Mighty Plans

©Copyrighted 2018 Written By Susan R Smith