Real Californian's and Why We Now Loathe Our State

Getting up, getting out and looking for real opportunity in the "other" America


I am a Californian --- 

I am a real Californian. I didn't just come here for vacation or visit Disneyland from another state and say to my family, "we need to live here." I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Huntington Beach. I watched the Rodney King riots and the OJ Simpson trial as it happened in my state. I survived Jerry Brown twice, Helped Arnold Schwarzenegger win his election and also received an IOU from Pete Wilson when the state was bankrupt.

As a private business owner, father and former proud state lover, I have come to the conclusion that California no longer wants to promote the small business and that, in general, California has nothing to offer anyone anymore except it's wonderful weather and climate. I have watched the taxes go through the roof and witnessed other idiotic Californian's actually allow an unconstitutional gas tax get passed by this legislature and then not vote it down! 

The only thing other Californian's boast about these days is the fact that we have an In-N-Out Burger chain. Which is ridiculous because In-N-Out is now in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Oregon. We have been reduced to beating our chest about our state because of a fast-food chain. How pathetic is that? 

In the meantime, we have watched our schools drop drastically, nationally because the students that excel have to wait for the non-English speaking students to catch up in curriculum. We have become a state where the teachers care more about their tenure, benefits and salaries more than the students. I don't feel there is a sane person alive that feels a teachers job is worth over $100K a year. I was always preached in business school that you pay what the job is worth and not the person.

Everything here is ridiculously expensive. I traveled to Ft. Lauderdale with my family a couple months ago and stopped into one of their seafood restaurants to which they are famous for. I fed my family of four lobster and clams for just under $45. I was shocked because plates like that would be not less than $70 here in my state. Our citizen have become greedy because our state legislature has become greedy. Homeless people flock here from other states because of our free benefits. Infecting the neighborhoods we pay so greatly to have. I am not sure where it's written that a homeless person needs to have an ocean view! 

California is no longer unique as it was in the past. We have massive traffic problems where everything seems to be under construction constantly. Actors are no longer idolized but more thought of as ridiculous people who certainly don't live in the real world and interject political hatred. Being a surfer along our coastline is no longer seen as unique as the beaches are swollen new and old surfers who need to brave our toxic shores. I remember going to Huntington Beach one time and witnessed thousands of syringes that washed ashore. 

I have been witnessing, first hand, many of my neighbors packing up and going away. Away from small median homes that cost $750K and looking for the new promised land where family matters and not a high speed rail system that will never happen. They flee to Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona because the ocean breeze is no longer a priority to them. They can no longer park at their beaches anyways because by 11:00 on any summer day, there is no parking left. Those same people probably bought the $185 annual beach parking pass too! 

More to come ...