Ever wonder how we got to here from there?


The One World Order Speech

On Sept. 11th 1991 George Bush 1st proclaimed the U.S. was now in the ONE WORLD ORDER business.

Ever wonder how we got in the mess we're in now? The democrats, per se, didn't start it. They merely glommed onto it. It was our trusty republicans who opened the door to the madness Trumpus MAGA works daily and valiantly to undo.

Now that you have made the connection, you can quickly understand that congress is still infested with George Bushers.

I saw the speech I'm about to bring you. I saw it live. And I specifically recall wondering what Bush 1st meant by..."one world order."

It was a curiosity then. A nightmare now. BTW...curious as to how Sept 11 keeps coming up...isn't it? While America paid scant attention to the speech...on that date...obviously others in far off places did.