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10 Must-have Project Management Skills for Successful Professionals
The project management field is booming, and with technological advancements, the need for crucial skills has sky-rocketed. According to a joint survey by IPMA, KPMG, and AIPM,

“74% of respondents noted that the significance of project management skills would continue to increase in future.”

This blog explains all the necessary skills that every project management professional must have. Besides, it will also describe the ways to develop that skill set.
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What Is a Project Scope Document and How to Create an Effective One?

A project scope document highlights various components like project goals, deliverables, deadlines, milestones, budget, etc. It serves as a baseline to ensure the client’s expectations align with the final deliverable.Furthermore, the scope document enables managers to estimate the project’s cost and address risk factors that might affect the project. That way, the project manager is better positioned to make informed decisions ,To know more visit :

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Effective Strategies for Resource Estimation in Project Management
Resource estimation is the technique of assessing the type and number of resources required for an upcoming project. For example, these resources could be human labor, materials, tools, equipment, supplies, machinery, etc.
This phenomenon of predetermining the quantity and quality of resources is known as resource estimation.
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As the name suggests, the project initiation checklist is the starting point of project execution. It contains information about all the critical components that lay the groundwork for the project, such as its goals, scope, essential resources, risks, and stakeholders. With all the information in one place, it keeps project managers, stakeholders, and team members on the same page.
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Resource breakdown structure (RBS) is a systematic list of resources required to execute a given project. It contains all resources, including personnel, tools, machinery, materials, etc., on which project funds will be spent. To read the full blog, visit

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Project portfolio management (PPM) is the centralized process used by project managers and PMOs to manage one or more portfolios and achieve an organization’s strategic or long-term objectives. To read the full blog, visit

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How to Mitigate Resource-Related Risks in Project Management
Resource-related risks are the set of unexpected events that have a negative effect on projects and businesses if they occur. For example, prolonged absenteeism of a resource can hamper the project timeline and contribute significantly to project delays.

According to PMI, Resource risks represent less than one-third of the records in the PERIL database, but their impact is significantly higher.

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