Joe Biden sets FBI loose on person who sold Ashley Biden diary

06/18/2022 - Joe Biden sets FBI loose on person who sold Ashley Biden diary

In a blatant attempt to utilize government and agency overreach, Joe Biden has set his FBI goons loose on the person who sold Ashley Biden’s diary. No doubt the effort is being utilized to protect secrets that are contained within the pages that may implicate various members of the Biden family in crimes and treason against the American people, and the USA.

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How many Democrats does it take to change a lightbulb?
None! They just claim that it's fixed while everyone sits in the dark and applauds Joe Biden

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My fellow Americans, the DOJ is going after moms and dads for bitching about their kids education at school board meetings! They are labelling moms and dads as “Domestic Terrorists” for bitching about the education and treatment of their children in these schools!

Then we have the corrupt Congresswoman Maxine Waters, referring to Trump supporters by two words that are terrifying considering President Joe Biden’s weaponization of the Justice Department. What is disturbing is a sitting Congresswoman labeling the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump as “domestic terrorists” given the Biden regime’s lawless targeting of the Left’s political opponents.

Here we have a complete double standard of law, so why isn’t Waters being treated like moms and dads?

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America, something to think about!

For two years, the illegally elected Biden, (it’s been proven, the DOJ/FBI refuse to allow evidence into court) has been working to destroy everything President Trump did for our country!

In two years, Biden has crippled our economy and more crippling is coming! Look at the price of “EVERYTHING”, all because of Biden policies!

Who has helped America the MOST? When Trump left office our economy, everything was running fine! From low income to the highest, the country was working fine!

Whether you like Trump or not, his policies were ALL good for ALL of us and the country! We were safe!

In two years Biden has ruined everything and damn near has us in a Nuclear War!

Like him or not, Trump worked FOR AMERICA, Biden is DESTROYING America!

Republicans, ahead of House takeover, look to zero in on Biden admin's handling of border crisis

🔴 European Officials Accuse US of Profiting Off Ukraine War Through Biden Legislation


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