More Like Take Your Drugs Month, Not Nutrition!
It’s National Nutrition Month — Brought to You by Big Food (#GMO), Big Chemical and #BigPharma
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is celebrating the 50th anniversary of “National Nutrition Month” — but missing from its messaging is any substantive dietary advice, thanks to the academy’s ties to the processed food, pesticide and pharmaceutical industries.

? Serious distrust in public health agencies grows as CDC adds COVID mRNA vaccine to the childhood schedule despite known harms.

FYI: Adding the C-19 vax increases the total recommended shots to 72 over the course of a person’s childhood from 6 mos. - 18 years with ZERO LIABILITY for #BigPharma


why use #google ? Boycott & Shut it down! simple #America !
Google to ban all #smartphone apps that tell the truth about health in latest bid to protect LIES of #BigPharma and the #Vaccine industry - #BigTech , #Censorship , #Conspiracy , #COVID , #Plandemic , #socialmedia -

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