Commentary: CNN Has Worst Ratings Week in 9 Years as Fox News Continues to Dominate - But There's Even Worse News on Horizon


“One Lie After The Next”: CNN Ratings Hit 9-Year Lows After Reputational Suicide

Adam Schiff Slithers Onto CNN Set, Immediately Proves Kevin McCarthy Right https://theusmilitarynews....

The US has auditors in Kyiv this week alongside the World Bank and Deloitte consultants to ensure “that no aid or weapons are diverted,” according to State Department Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland.

Corona virus shutdown relief fraud tops $60B

Fiery But Peaceful In Atlanta? CNN Once Again Suggests That Leftist Riots Are Not Violent

CNN and WaPo COVID expert claims number of pandemic deaths has been OVERCOUNTED

CNN Defense of Biden Collapses as 2nd Batch of Classified Documents Found

NEW: Everything this CNN doctor told us about the vaccine was a lie, reports Tucker Carlson (views: 126)

NEW: Uncovering The Truth: Examining The Fatal Link Between COVID Vaccines And A New Form of AIDS https://survivalmagazine.o...

NEW: (Video) Hollywood Legend Pushes Back Against The Press's Approved COVID Narrative - Jason Bermas Reacts

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