i guess some people ARE above the law

Disgusting: Hitler Joe Strips Angel Mom of US Citizenship, Turns Her Life Upside Down-A MUST READ ARTICLE SHOWS JUST HOW EVIL BIDEN IS!

One group of Americans who were steadfast supporters of President Donald Trump was always the Angel Moms. These poor women have paid the ultimate sacrifice because of the reckless open border policies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden. They’ve had sons or daughters murdered in pointless, completely unnecessary fashion by people who should never have been in our country in the first place.


Dad in India Sues Bill Gates, Indian Government Over Daughter’s Covid Vaccine Murder https://www.infowars.com/p...

Judicial Watch: Mass. School District Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit with Football Coach Fired for Objecting to Critical Race Theory in Daughter’s Class https://www.oann.com/judic...

Muslims bring their barbaric culture of death to America. It is not wanted!
Texas Father Found Guilty in ‘Honor Killings’
One of the cases I have been following here in Texas outraged me when it initially hit the headlines.
Yaser Said killed his two daughters in 2008 in an “honor killing.”
Sadly, the prosecutor did not go for the death penalty, so he will only face life in prison.
Said killed his two daughters, 18-year-old Amina Said and 17-year-old Sarah Said.
Both were found shot to death only days after the mother took them away from the home to try to protect them from him.
Sarah had been shot nine times, and Amina was shot twice.
He has denied killing the girls since his arrest in 2020.
The girls had rejected their father’s Egyptian culture and had told a teacher in 2007 they did not want arranged marriages and feared for their lives, stating that their father had “made our lives a nightmare.”
Read more here: https://breakingnewsdigest...

Trump blasted by Dick Cheney as former vice president stars in his daughter's latest ad https://www.foxnews.com/po...

To ALL DADS : every year up to 200,000 women disappear in the United States every year. Many never are seen again alive. My point is this, and it is simple and it is this, Dads you MUST teach your daughters to shoot, and to shoot effectively. This also goes for ALL single mothers raising daughters. Men- You need to teach your daughters how to fight. I taught mine from a young age.

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In response Roger Anghis to his Mumbl

WOW nothing on the lame steam democrat propaganda machine, funny how that works. Just like Bidens daughters diary with comments like dad made me take a shower with him, nothing on the lame steam democrat propaganda machine there either, funny how they blab their gust out about President Trump and His family but nothing on anything else.

In response Twisted Eagle to his Mumbl

If you want to see the connection between all Hunter Bidens business deals over seas and how Joe Biden is tied into it, read laptop from hell. FBI is not doing anything with that and in fact is illegally raiding a persons house that had Bidens daughters diary she left at a rehab center. There is a part in it that tells how she has to take showers with her dad.

Fathers give their daughters in marriage.
Men take wives for themselves.

Know your purpose.
Know your place.


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