GOP to grill Biden judicial nominees on Second Amendment, allowing ‘dangerous’ criminals out on bail

Why some Democrats are rooting for Trump to be the 2024 GOP nominee over DeSantis

Friends, Governor DeSantis mentions “The Civil War Within The GOP”!

The “CIVIL WAR” in the GOP! It is the corrupt, anti-American RINOs, creating the problems! Everyone of these anti-American RINOs has either ignored their Oath of Office, or they LIED to get into office! If so, they need to be removed from office for LYING to illegally use their office against the American people!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) responded to inquiries about former President Trump, ranging from the president’s upcoming announcement to his recent “attacks” on the governor, but DeSantis continued to keep his nose clean, unwilling to criticize the president but instead targeting the mainstream media and woke corporations while trying to dismiss everything else as “just noise.” FIRE RINOs!

Poll: Majority of likely voters support House GOP plans to investigate Hunter Biden

GOP launches review of party’s performance in 2022 elections after disappointing results

‘Woke’ military provisions are sticking points for GOP as vote on defense policy bill looms

My fellow Americans, at least 50% of our politicians claim to be Socialists! They all swore an Oath to “protect, serve, and honor our Constitution, against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic!

These Socialist scumbags are working to destroy our nation, they are NOT working for us, the people or our Constitution! Therefore, everyone of these SOCIALISTS lied when they sore their OATH of Office!

The GOP is trying to help us; but they are led by the head RINO scumbag, McConnell! McConnell stabbed Trump in the back and he’s stabbing us in our backs! McConnell is married to a Chinese woman, who has family in the Chinese Communist Party! Like Biden and his corrupt family McConnell I believe is compromised and cannot be trusted making decisions for our nation!

12 GOP senators have chance to right their wrong
Steve JordahlNov 28, 2022
The misnamed "Respect for Marriage Act" is up for another vote in the U.S. Senate tonight – and American Family Association says it's imperative that a specific Religious Freedom Amendment be included.

The bill Democrats named the Respect for Marriage Act (H.R.8404) – which has been deemed the "Disrespect for Marriage Act" by several faith-based groups – would make same-sex "marriage" the law of the land. The vote tonight will determine if Utah Senator Mike Lee's religious freedom amendment is included.

Comer: GOP will probe waste, fraud, and abuse

Tennessee GOP ex-lawmaker pleads guilty in campaign finance case after claiming FBI 'witch hunt'

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-- GOP and Midterms: History Tells Us One Battle Is Not the Entire War

Schiff won’t say whether he’d comply with GOP subpoena, will ‘consider the validity’

Mounting evidence in corruption case against Biden

PLEASE STOP THE GOP Senators Who Voted for Radical Marriage Bill: ‘Have the Courage to Protect’ Free Exercise of Religion!!
Mike Lee SenMikeLee (TWITTER)
We still have time to protect religious liberty. We’re asking our colleagues to support my amendment.

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