GOP lawmakers slam potential Trump indictment: ‘Third World Banana Republic lunacy’

BREAKING: Reports of Jan 6 detainees being moved from DC jail ahead of congressional GOP inspection

“What is the DC Jail trying to hide by moving pretrial J6 defendants out of the jail before we go in?” MTG tweeted.


GOP to fight back against Biden’s ‘war on energy’ in key vote next week

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California Republican Party officially recognizes Log Cabin

GOP pilots in Congress call on Biden to withdraw his ‘entirely unqualified’ FAA nomination

Florida GOP lawmakers advance 6-week abortion ban with some exceptions: 'a policy that supports life'

Majority of GOP opposed to continued funding for war in Ukraine: poll
73 percent of Americans said the US should continue to “try to be
the global leader.”

Democrats letting non-citizens vote

Sen. Rand Paul walks out of Homeland Security hearing after butting heads with Democrat chair over amendments

GOP questions Penn Biden Center funding, probes possible foreign investment

Nikki Haley Joins Forces with Trump Against DeSantis - 2024 GOP Primary Shaping Up to Be Electric


Border hearing in Texas with GOP House reps

GOP Drop Biden BOMBSHELL! Chinese Cash EXPOSED, Lawyers QUIT! Bank COLLAPSE Connection:

?PANIC: GOP Drop Biden BOMBSHELL! Chinese Cash EXPOSED, Lawyers QUIT! Bank COLLAPSE Connection - YouTube

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Garcetti clears Senate hurdle with help from GOP, on track to be ambassador to India

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