Sigh huh OH how I've (personally & generally) witnessed of VAST humanity like Holy Bible's Exodus 32 = STILL 2date humanity angering God & HE'S not permitting NOTHING, this ALL is humanity's doing NOT HIS, HIS Holy hand's R CLEAN of us humanity! God set the example 2 ALL humanity with HIS Holy retributionary action via Holy Bible's Genesis 19 & STILL 2 date like human weeds amidst a garden, humanity's allowed & NOT CLEANED HOUSE of vast = worse is Coming!

Rahm's victory, where we'll see Tiger next, players on the move and more from Riviera

Five-bogey final round caps Tiger's Riviera return

Sunday at Genesis Invitational: Can Tiger hold up? Will Rahm cruise?

And even then with oil company ship's out there in the ocean globally, DUMPING say 4 oil barrel's tied together & dumped over the side of a - the ship in2 the ocean, SIGH huh the ocean is NOT a landfill especially when humanity itself was solely alone created in LESS than a day AFTER non human innocent Earth in the first 5 prior day's (see Holy Bible's beginning book of Genesis).

With Tiger Woods expected to make the cut, what's next?

Homa stays hot, fires 68 for 1-shot Genesis lead

Woods apologizes for prank on JT at Genesis

Tiger at 1-over, could miss cut at Genesis Invit.

Sigh huh as it's NOT been verbally conveyed nearly enough over the past historic tick tock temporary - momentary ie: 'Time' centuries - to date, Devil after B-ing 86-ed outta Heaven BROUGHT (evil, LGBTQiA ie: Holy Bible's Genesis 19 & etc else) this STILL exhibited, ALL it's EVER overall been & is: Holy War against God & ALL of Heaven = this ALL literally only ENDS 1 way; & know God WOULDN'T even have 2 exhale & we'd literally go OUT quicker-faster-swifter than a candle & God could & can literally crumble us humanity all up like a used piece of paper, my point = DON'T piss off God via YO-you're daily ugh human behavior, WE CLEAR?!

& regarding LGBTQiA, God set the example 2 us ALL connected as a whole NECLEUS species-humanity via Holy Bible's Genesis 19, DON'T U youngster's out there USA-globally think 4 a moment that this is normal cuz it's NOT, it's humanity (itself) STILL NOT after centuries we humanity doing OUR NON voluntary-NON optional representing daily job with EVERY tick tock temporary - momentary ie: 'Time' that goes by as THAT of dying non human innocent Earth rotates 4 a temporary Time, SERIOUSLY ponder & contemplate that God's literal exhibited temporary patience & held back Holy retributionary wrath (anger) WON'T last 4ever like sand in a temporary hourglass as a footstool under HIS Holy feet = DON'T PISS HIM OFF!

And now apparently the Vatican ie: Pope is gonna DECIDE 2 side with LGBTQiA say even against Holy Bible's Genesis 19, God's example 2 us all what & how (however) 2 literally handle those of LGBTQiA & misc else? FINE then even ALL of Vatican, etc globally R going 2 Hell after last breath (ie: on knees B4 jesus with their opened Heaven Life Record) as Hitler say once was but now in Hell screaming, 4EVER! SO B IT!

NO LGBTQiA, NO Porn, raise & teach them right! And STOP abusing the Holy deemed symbol: RAINBOW, it was & is ONLY deemed 4 that God no flood the non human innocent Earth again! God (maid-janitor) destroyed THEIR ugh long ago & like weeds of garden = worse than ever! WE CLEAR?! THEIR trying 2 BRING BACK (just 2 spite God, like Devil) S & G ie: Genesis 19 that God destroyed = worse is Coming!

LGBTQiA 2 words: GENESIS 19! < they, porn industry, etc past-2 date BROKE the moral codes set 4th by God! ABORTION SIMPLY FLAT OUT PREMEDITATED MURDER - Planned Parenthood past exposed videos of butchering human fetus 4 $ profit & R NOT suppose 2 literally exist: weeds of garden! Coming isn't gonna just B a CLEAN HOUSE with-of humanity but deliberate, careless, senseless evil & unholy literal, human incomprehensible CAN DO Russian roulette, sanitizing, purging weed's of a garden, global, genocidal, bloodbath, massacre, eradicating, extermination by 2025.

STOP (abortion 187-murder-killing) allowing this-that 2 happen 2 Jesus's Little 1's > When U hear THEY (the evil humans amidst us ALL globally) R coming after U're kids-children, here's why, 1 example via Holy Bible Genesis 19, but more so from the Holy Counsel of Holy Trinity. Huh LET ME MAKE-B CLEAR: God's set 4th morals = VALUES 'should B' of ALL humanity is SOLELY: 1 male-1 female = NO LGBTQiA via Genesis 19, HE destroyed S & G = setting the example of CEASING (human) weeds of garden via Holy Bible & ANY else R of Devil, NOT HIM! Holy truth is REAL!

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