Former California Democratic mayor pleads no contest to child sex crimes: reports

We've seen plenty of tyrannical laws put in place during the era of covid-19(84), thankfully in a welcome turn of events California's anti-doctor law is no more!


Judge Blocks California’s Covid Misinformation Law

You can now take the state electrician exam, which you should pass if you've studied well. To become a licensed electrician in California, you will also need paid work experience.

But you can work while getting your hours on your "T-Card."


Democratic darlings Schiff and Porter kick off an ugly, expensive fight for California's Senate seat

The Best Princess Diamond Price In NYC

The cut of this shape isn't uniform, unlike the round, allowing you to select the features that will give you the appearance you want. The princess cut offers the most variety, whether it is cut for bright bursts of light or smouldering scintillation, or with a square or rectangular profile.

Rep. Adam Schiff Announces 2024 Senate Run in California

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Judge Blocks California’s COVID-19 Misinformation Law

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California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff to run for US Senate held by Feinstein

Paul Pelosi attack video ordered to be released by California judge

California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVID ‘misinformation’ law: reports

California Gov. Newsom lashes out at 'trash organization' NRA after Second Amendment 'hypocrisy' accusation

Justice Department Sues Google for Monopolizing Digital Advertising Technologies

"Today, the Justice Department, along with the Attorneys General of California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Virginia, filed a civil antitrust suit against Google for monopolizing multiple digital advertising technology products in violation of Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act." ...

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