Frivolous Spending for Political Kickbacks in Ukraine Helps Biden-Obama Destroy U.S.

This is how liberal Dems in congress bc millionaires! All liberal Dems get a kickback on all money sent to foreign countries! It's the only way to get rich from a salary of $180 thousand a year!! SO WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO LET THIS HAPPEN? WHY HASN'T AMERICA HUNG THESE PPL FOR TREASON AND FOR BREAKING FEDERAL LAWS!!


This is why, even if America was 100% green, we could offset or make a change in the amount of pollution killing our planet! What the liberal satanic Dems are doing is wasting money and resources! The Dems know this so why do they push it? Bc of kickbacks and destroying America. biden is weakening America so China can walk in without a fight and take over America. Just ask china joe!!
repost everywhere!

If you are a Biden, you can collect more than $30 million from the Chinese government, work with the "spy chief of China", tell the world that you've given "half your salary" to pops for the last 30 years, and the FBI still won't raid you.

The FBI will even shield you from investigation by labeling your laptop containing substantial evidence of your family's crimes, financial corruption, and foreign kickbacks as "disinformation".

If you are a Trump, the FBI will fabricate a Russian-Collusion hoax against you, alter evidence in federal court to continue to spy on you, and when all of that doesn't work to frame you for a crime — the FBI will raid your home.



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