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A good picture can be described in a number of ways to different sets of people. For some it would be extra lightning, for others dim lights, and so on. Having a professional photography rental space can help you achieve a desirable picture. Grattan Studio, aid in getting commercial and personal photoshoots based on client needs. You will relish the privacy, facilities and space that you won’t get anywhere else.

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Lightning's Maroon mocked, donates to charity

Lightning and Caps brawl, will meet again Sunday

Bolts reinstate Cole after NHL closes investigation

It's Opening Night! What to watch in Rangers-Lightning, Kings-Knights

Lightning suspend Cole pending investigation

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The Afghanistan Debacle, One Year Later
As we approach the one-year anniversary of the catastrophic and embarrassing pullout of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and its fall to the Taliban, it’s clear that those on the left haven’t learned their lessons.
Speaking at the annual Aspen Security Institute gathering of foreign policy leaders last week, Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns said that he was “very proud” of the CIA’s analysis in Afghanistan in the weeks leading up to the Taliban’s lightning-quick takeover of the country.
According to Burns: “As the president has said publicly, none of us anticipated that the Afghan government was going to flee as quickly as it did, that the Afghan military was going to collapse as fast as it did.”
But if no one could see the Afghan government and military buckling like a belt, and if no one could predict the Taliban would gain power so quickly, then what’s to be proud about?
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Do You Have An Emergency Power System?

A power outage results in a loss of business and money when inclement weather occurs.

In the event of a severe weather event such as a tornado, hurricane, lightning strike, or even flooding, your business could be without power for hours or even days.

As a result of the reliance on energy that every organisation has, a power outage that lasts for several hours can put your operation on hold. You can't run a business, whether it's a restaurant, car shop, dry cleaning service, law firm, or digital marketing firm, without power installed by electrician Murray!

Does Your Business Need An Emergency Power System?

When there is a power interruption because of bad weather, there will be lost revenue.

You may have power outages at your place of business for several hours or even days at a time as a result of tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, and flooding.

Electricity is a need for all organisations, therefore an extended power outage installed by domestic electrician Perth could effectively put an end to your operation. You can't run a business without electricity, whether you own a restaurant, an auto repair shop, a dry cleaning shop, a law office, or a digital marketing agency.


Death toll rises to 50 in India amid lightning

Death toll rises to 50 in India amid lightning

Get rid of Boris we cried for many a month...and his lying cheating colleagues.
He’s now finally going going gone...and many of his lying cheating colleagues.
“It’s all planned, it’s a game, it’s a pantomime, who ever replaces him will be even worse”...bla bla bla.

The Georgia stones are an evil and wicked monument to the satanic cabal, get rid, destroy and take down that awful statue that symbolises genocide.
It’s gone, bombed, lightning strike or divine intervention.
“It’s all planned, it’s a game, it’s a pantomime, it’s all part of their plan.”
Bla bla bla.

Do people really know what they want or
is it just moan, whinge and jump on the bandwagon that’s doing the rounds?

I get the impression many like and enjoy the drama, the reality like TV show effects and thrive on the constant misery and fear.
I actually genuinely believe some of you don’t want this to end.

That’s what concerns me the most, because when the time does come, I have a feeling there will be but a h

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