Menacing charge for Bengals RB Mixon dismissed

RB Mixon has warrant out for menacing charge

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Electrical Safety for Children: Educational Resources and Tips

In a domestic residence, a person instals a child safety cover on a wall outlet.

Electricity is a natural phenomena that occurs as a result of charged particles, static buildup, or dynamic currents. People frequently confuse electricity, energy, and power, yet these are three distinct concepts. Energy is a unit of measurement for the strength, force, and capacity required to perform work. Power is a measure of how quickly you can do tasks compared to the overall quantity of work necessary. Your house is powered by electricity.

Electrical Safety for Kids: Educational Tips and Resources

Person inserting a child protection cover on a wall outlet in a residential home.

Electricity is a natural phenomena formed from charged particles, static buildup, or dynamic currents. People mistakenly put electricity, energy, and power together, but they are three independent words. Energy is the measurement of the strength, force, and capacity needed to do work. Power is the measurement of how fast you can do work versus the overall quantity of work necessary. Electricity powers your home.


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Large Household Appliances – A list of high quality, large household appliances. Large appliances intended for use in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms.

Meet 'The Avatar': The 6-foot-4 former WR who could lead Seattle's defensive revival

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