Republicans gain in midterm election polls https://www.washingtonexam...

US Entering Recession, But They Won’t Admit It Until After Midterms

White House won't say why Biden more confident in midterms now than when he said they could be 'illegitimate''

The US economy is entering a recession, given all the bad economic news, but don’t expect officials to admit it until after the midterm elections.

This Pipeline story reeks of war mongering Deep State foolishness!

It reminds me of the Deep State missile strike in Hawaii that attempted to shoot down Trump’s plane with the goal being to blame North Korea & start a WAR.

Might be a long October, y’all….November MidTerms can’t get here fast enough.

Election Brief: Democrats' messaging headed into midterms show party's priorities

REPORTER: “The president is deeply underwater when it comes to the economy. Is there anything the White House plans to do differently?”
KJP: “I can’t talk about the midterms. I have to say this, right? I cannot talk about the midterms from here because you did mention the midterms.”

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki warned that Democrats will lose the midterm elections if they become a “referendum” on puppet President Joe Biden.

Psaki Says Democrats Will Lose If Midterms Become ‘Referendum’ on Joe Biden

Dr. #RonPaul - Will #Italy’s #Election Foreshadow US Midterms? http://ronpaulinstitute.or...

DOJ, White House silent on status of lawsuit against Georgia's 'Jim Crow' voting law as midterms loom

No changes in rhetoric or posting,mumbles, tweets or publications.
Sure looks like we’re going into the midterms with the status quo as being fine with everyone!
I truly thought that the world was going to change, however the only thing that will change is who attacks first and with what!
Right now it looks like, Russia first, America second, China third, N.Korea, Venezuela, Brazil (China), Iran, Syria added to all the other countries that love America.
Biden’s Administration has pushed the world to the brink of World War III and can’t remember who his wife is or how old she is!
You keep posting, tweeting, Mumbling & Publishing hoping & praying YOU & I are wrong.

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