Chelsea Clinton is part of a group pushing for WHO to combat online “misinformation”

Judge Blocks California’s Covid Misinformation Law

YouTube Removes Project Veritas’ Pfizer Exposé, Claiming ‘Medical Misinformation’

Judge Blocks California’s COVID-19 Misinformation Law

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California judge issues preliminary injunction blocking COVID ‘misinformation’ law: reports

Defense Department official says troops need training about online misinformation

?BREAKING: Director General Of WHO Says COVID Will Continue To Kill People Because Of Misinformation That Is Causing Vaccine Hesitancy

Dr.Tedros ( of the WHO just warned that Covid still needs to be taken seriously and that there's lots of dangerous misinformation being spread.

"There is a torrent of pseudoscience and misinformation circulating which is undermining safe and effective tools for covid-19. My message is clear, do not underestimate this virus, it has and will continue to surprise us, and it will continue to kill unless we do more to get health tools to people that need them and to comprehensively tackle misinformation."

He further declared that the next global crisis will be Climate Change.

World Economic Forum declares “misinformation” a top “global risk”

Biden's controversial health official

Biden's controversial health official

Classic Fake News Uncovered – Medical Misinformation!

Democrats fund misinformation

Democrats fund misinformation

Tuesday Live Show: Dems Push Plan to Criminalize Election “Misinformation,” Preregister Teens to Vote

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