Jay Hall
5 months ago
* Westminster Wasp - Morganic from Mars (MoMar) Has IPO *
>> CAUTION: Satire Rising >>
Do you buy #Organic ? Do you dig #Morgarnic ? Morganic from Mars (MoMar) has a bold and exciting (not to mention long awaited) IPO next week. They hope to raise $34.7B (not million ♂) by the end of Novembeard. They are also considering a merger with Phobos & Deimos' House of Beanz (based in Cleveland). They plan to grow RED tomatoes and RED potatoes on the RED planet. This will be done w/o messing with the genes of these tiny little green machines. A seven rocket expedition to Mars is set for 2025 thx to Eal & Muskh.
MoMar's top notch team of botanists and horticulturalists will be growing #MorganicMartian fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, sprouts, mushrooms, algae, and seaweed. #Oceans_ONE MoMar was founded by Mr. & Mrs. Gothick - Americans.

#Mars #ElonMusk #GotVit_K ? #Got_Iodine ? #More_Organic #nasa #StillAlive #FourYears #Got_WATER ? #WatneyPower #RISK #Mutiny_on_ARES #IM_4th

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