Moscow police reveal new information regarding one victim’s alleged stalker and the murder weapon

Griner relocated over 200 miles outside Moscow

Norway’s Boosting Military Readiness Is Unprecedented, Moscow Says

Moscow urges UN probe into Ukrainian biolabs

Kiev denies Moscow’s ‘dirty bomb’ allegations

Iranian cargo planes continue to arrive in Russia. Today, a heavy transport aircraft Il-76 (EP-PUS) of the Iranian airline Pouya Air, affiliated with the IRGC, arrived at Vnukovo Airport from Tehran. What is being delivered to Moscow is unknown, but most likely— drones.

Missile barrage unleashed on #Ukraine is merely the 'first episode' of #Putin 's revenge, #Moscow vows as #Poland carries out bomb shelter checks following rocket blitz and #Belarus (former part of #USSR - ally of Russia) announces 'joint military force' with #Russia - #Russian missiles unleashed across Ukraine is merely 'first episode', Putin ally Dmitry Med - YIKES!

🇷🇺 Russian State Duma Deputy statement : Washington’s continuation of its measures against Russia will push Moscow to “transfer operations to American soil.”

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko: Moscow and Minsk will think about the response to the nuclear threat in Poland.

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US and NATO allies might respond to Russia's use of nuclear weapons.
United States can inflict:
1. Nuclear strike on Russia, including Moscow.
2. Attack on Russian troops on front line in Ukraine.
3. Limited nuclear strike on Crimea.
4. Attack Black Fleet of Russian Federation.

2 days ago, nukes were spotted in transport in Moscow. Specifically the ICBM Topol-M with a range of 11,000KM and speed of Mach 22.

These are usually spotted in transport at least once a year, so it is possible it’s not related to the current situation in Ukraine / tensions with the west. But there’s always a possibility that it is related.

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