America, just a small recent poll!

Who Was the Better First Lady? Poll Results

POLL: Who Was the Better First Lady: Melania Trump or Michelle Obama?
Melania 87%

Michelle 13%

Melania was and still is a much better First Lady!

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My fellow Americans, we have all seen what this garbage (CRT) “Critical Race Theory” and “Gender Identity Training” has done to students in our schools. Now the CORRUPT Biden Pentagon leadership is jamming this same garbage down our military’s throat!
GOP Report Exposes Pentagon Agenda
A new GOP report is speaking out against the inclusion of critical race theory and gender identity training in the military.
As a retired sailor, I vehemently am against this BS practice! CRT and gender training has no business being in our military! The military is to PROTECT our nation, NOT to be disgraced with this garbage, that has nothing to do with defending America! The military leaders are Socialist Obama appointed officers, who apparently ignore their Oaths also!

Cruz is a ‘dark meat guy,’ Obama still loves pie. What Republicans

Pelosi ignores Trump in leadership farewell speech, mentioning Bush, Obama, Biden

America, here comes some more SOCIALIST corruption directed at stopping Trump! These SCUMBAGS don’t want Trump in office because he will ENFORCE our Constitution against these sorry-ass morons!

Bush and Obama are teaming up to ruin President Trump’s chances in 2024

But leftists are already doing everything they can to undermine Trump.
And Donald Trump is kicking it all off as he announced his 2024 plans!

Both former President Bush and Obama are “randomly” having speaking engagements pertaining to saving democracy and “disinformation.” 
George Bush is having his conference and speaking arrangement in Dallas on Wednesday and Obama is having his speech in New York on Thursday. 
This isn’t coincidental. Pure SOCIALIST CORRUPTION!

Video: Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah 2008: "I Tell You, It Helps in #Ohio that We Got #Democrats in Charge of the Machines"

US judge rules that Biden team’s LGBTQ proposal wrongly interpreted Obamacare provision

George Bush Jr. and Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah will hold back-to-back disinformation conferences - #GeorgeWBush - (Days after #DonaldTrump announcement for #POTUS #2024 )

George W. Bush and Barack Obama will hold back-to-back disinformation conferences

Conservatives question reports of 'noose' found at Obama library construction site

Construction crew reportedly finds 'noose' on site of Obama Presidential Center

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