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Just to show you that #ElonMusk & #JackDorsey are almost 1 in the same.
1. They declared me "ineligible" to get #Twitter Blue, no explanation! I have those who donate to my #PayPal willing to fund it!
2. Elon loves to block people! 2 photos on this post!

Part 3: for an undetermined period of time I will not be posting as often & may be offline a few days as: I am looking to be an LLC for my websites then after that find an alternative to #PayPal – it may take the rest of the year to do this.

Part 2: PLEASE do what you can & financially support all these platforms, they are NOT making money, they are NOT sponsored by #Pfizer , #Moderna , etc. they are NOT #ElonMusk & without these platforms Big Tech Wins, ALSO please if you like my work & websites bless them & donate, I will be closing my #PayPal account by 12/25/22 which I will discuss on part 3
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Part 1: It upsets me that many will not donate to my websites because I use yet #PayPal even though they know being on #Disability & have to rely on #Medicaid #Medicare to survive there are no other options at the moment and I am trying to build credit for the future for my #websites /#ministry/#RadioAmericaUSA – that is very selfish & no consideration for the disabled! Part 2 coming! Please be patient!

If anyone wishes to donate to my websites, Radio America USA http://www.radioamericausa... or my Ministry Page please do so ASAP, I plan on closing my #PayPal before the end of the year, unfortunately due to my situation as I have posted the last few days, there may not be any other alternatives. Thank you!

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My Internet Radio Station Website, Radio America USA had added & proud to announce #TimBrown & Bradlee Dean of the #SonsOfLibertyMedia & Radio their shows are now on #RadioAmericaUSA if you scroll down to the On Demand Shows you can watch them 24/7!
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why would one donate through paypal to help mumblit??? Pay pay that still wants to fine people for their thoughts that do not agree with pay pal.

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