Fox News
1 yr. ago
Porter berated Irvine mayor in texts after town hall: 'lecture me' on 'professionalism' and 'see what happens' https://www.foxnews.com/po...
Advium Real Estate
1 yr. ago
Advium Real Estate is Skardu's number one real estate agency, simplifying the process and ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction. We aim to create standards and professionalism that strengthen the Skardu real estate market. The easier this process is for buyers and sellers, the more likely they will be to buy and sell. We aim to make real estate transactions transparent and hassle-free for buyers and sellers.We help you protect your best interests by providing legal advice. Since we are locals, we have a good understanding of geography. As the real estate market of Skardu continues to develop, so does the economy, trends, and culture that affect it.
2 yr. ago
Looking for Reception Services in Vancouver? Contact It’s Your Time, our reception services go well beyond call centre services. Sure, we can pick up, transfer or take a message, but we can also answer questions and provide customer care. Get ready to elevate your client management and service pipeline. Having someone on hand to reliably answer your calls with professionalism and promptness will position your business in a positive light for every contact your business deals with. This will ultimately lead to more referrals and trust over time. Our call centre agents are trained and experienced to be the communications personnel for your business. We stand for integrity, innovation and initiative. Our live receptionists and chat specialists are committed and focused on all the ways to connect with customers on a personal level and make the most out of each conversation. For any query, call us: 604-648-8799.

Pharos Project
2 yr. ago

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