EUROPE - Russian energy giant Gazprom has said that it has signed a deal with China to pay for Russian gas in the Chinese yuan and Russian ruble, rather than paying with the U.S. dollar.

🚨BREAKING - Putin has signed a decree establishing the title "Mother Heroine" for those who gave birth and raised 10 or more children

Women who have received the title are entitled to a payment of 1 million rubles.

Turkey will help Russia bypass sanctions and compensate for them - the outcome of Putin and Erdogan's talks.

▪️ Turkey is preparing for widespread use of Russian "Mir" cards and partial mutual settlement in rubles.

▪️The trade turnover between Moscow and Ankara will be tripled to $100 billion, when in the past it was $33 billion.

Russia is continuing its efforts to revert back to the 'gold standard' for the first time in over a hundred years, purchasing gold at a fixed price of 5,000 rubles ($59) per gram.

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Continuing the backfiring of the CIA's longterm gambit to undercut and isolate the 2nd most powerful country in the world, European nations have moved in mass to provide payment to Russia in Ruble's, further isolating the US dollar from increasingly hostile markets it was intent on solidifying ownership over.

The dollar is crumbling thanks largely to incompetent years-long efforts by Washington DC to sabotage its largest competitor.

Both Italy and Germany have authorized companies to open ruble accounts in order to purchase gasoline from Russia without violating the current sanctions that have been placed on Russia.

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#European #Gas importers quietly surrender to #Russia and begin buying #Gas in #RUBLES… while the West’s economic warfare scheme disastrously BACKFIRES

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Those Brave Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sell their armored vehicles to the DPR militias and gladly accept payment in Rubles 😆 LMAO!

I think that even the Ukrainians know that Russia's total victory is inevitable. Which demonstrates just how stupid the "I'll Starve with Ukraine" NPC's truly are.

Russia's beef is with NATO and the AshkeNAZIs, not with the Ukrainian people or their military.

#Russian #Ruble Has Recovered ALL Post-Sanctions Losses And Is Now Trading HIGHER Than Before War

FIRING FISCAL BLANKS: Anti-Russian Sanctions Fail to Damage Ruble

Despite unprecedented Western sanctions on Russia, its currency has all but rebounded to pre-conflict positions.

The reaction has reportedly been due to protective financial measures - imposed by Russia’s Central Bank - and it's left experts wondering if the West's economic clampdown is as powerful as it boasts.

Meanwhile, Europeans are preparing for food, energy and fuel shortages - collateral damage from Washington and Brussel's sanction campaign.

🇮🇷🇷🇺⚡️“Iran is ready to trade with Russia in rubles. There are already agreements to conduct trade operations in the national currencies of the two countries”: Deputy Head of the Central Bank of Iran Mohsen Karimi

White House announces new Russia sanctions after ruble rebound

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