Russian officials demand Ukrainian forces surrender Mariupol by Monday morning

03/21/2022 - Russian officials demand Ukrainian forces surrender Mariupol by Monday morning

According to a statement from the Russian National Defense Management Center, Russia has given Ukraine a deadline of 5 am on Monday 21 March to agree to surrender its eastern port city Mariupol. Russian officials said they will open humanitarian corridors for civilians to exit Mariupol at 10 am Moscow time in exchange for Ukrainian forces laying down their weapons, Reuters and the Guardian report.

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It’s Getting Worse: Balenciaga Designer Exposed for Posting Disturbing Photos Linked to ‘Satanic Ritual, Cannibalism, Pedophilia, Child Mutilation’. Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga is under fire again after the child pornography scandal brought to light to company’s obsession with satanic rituals and pedophilia, including the disturbing posts of the company’s stylist.

Lotta Volkova, a stylist and consultant born in Russia, has been instrumental to the creative visions of Vetements, Sies Marjan, and the controversial Balenciaga.

Volkova’s Instagram page has been getting a lot of attention in the wake of the recent Balenciaga campaign controversy.

By JimHoft
Published November 28, 2022 at 10:15am

SEOUL - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said that the ultimate goal for North Korea is to possess the world's most powerful nuclear strategic force and eventually build the world's strongest army. Meanwhile, both Russia and China has been standing in the way of any action against North Korea by the United Nations.

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UK: Russia Hitting Ukraine with Old Nuclear Missiles – Minus the Warheads

We lied about Covid. We lied about lockdowns. We lied about masks. We lied about the shots. We lied about Russian collusion. We lied about Trump. We lied about elections. We lied about inflation. We lied about climate. We lied about Ukraine.


- The Media

US ‘Military Biological Activities’ a Threat to the World – Russia

Videos of executed Russian POWs appear authentic – UN

CNN Calls Freedom of Speech ‘Nonsense’ in Rant Accusing Elon Musk Of Being Russian Asset

Russia Blasts US Over LGBTQ Law ‘Interference’

CIA Seeking To Recruit Russians “Disgusted” By Putin’s War

EU declares Russia a "state-sponsor of terrorism."

Ukraine's Zelenskyy welcomed the European Parliament's decision to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.


Emergency Video - Liberals Move to Ban SKS & All Semi-Autos - YouTube

The Liberals with absolute support from the NDP and Bloc Quebecois, introduced an amendment to Bill C-21 that bans all centerfire semi-auto rifles and shotgu...

Russia advances anti-LGBTQ, anti-gender surgery bill, cites US gender debate as justification

America, Biden is talking about giving Social Security a 14.5% increase in ’23! This I would think is GREAT; BUT, the big BUT, what will this do to taxes and the longevity of our Social Security? Social Security is supposedly going to go broke some time in the not to distant future! Will this speed-up Social Securities destruction? Who is going to pay for this increase?

Friends, the ILLEGAL Biden is trying to BUY us off until these SOCIALIST scumbags take total control! If we the people, don’t get this ILLEGAL scum out of our White House, if we don’t remove these SOCIALISTS from our government, America will become a mirror image of Russia and China, or worse! Socialists will OWN everything, if we don’t stop them now! VOTE Tump/GOP!

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