“Historically, from the late Roman Empire to Weimar, flagrant homosexuality has been associated with sick societies, decadent cultures and dying civilizations. Today would appear to be no exception."
-Pat Buchanan

SF School District to Kids: Let’s Talk About Sexuality

SF School District to Kids: Let’s Talk About Sexuality & Keep It From Your Parents


Use Grow Up Your Sexual Activity - cenforce 200 mg Pill

Cenforce 200 mg should be taken after consulting a doctor. Always follow the doctor's advice and don't consume the medication for quite the prescribed duration and quantity. This medicine should be taken orally with a glass of water, half-hour before the beginning of sexuality. It starts showing its action within half-hour to 1 hour and remains active for 4 to five hours.


Iran sentences two LGBT activists to death for 'propaganda of homosexuality'

Zahra Sediki Hamedani, 31, (pictured) and Elham Chubdar, 24, were convicted under the Mofsed-e-filarz law, a charge brought in Iran for violating sharia law. Its approximate translation is "the spread of vice on Earth."

Human rights activists argue that the reason for the persecution of girls was their sexual orientation and activism. The Iranian authorities also accused the girls of "human trafficking".

This is how you control the minds of society.
It is also why I haven't been nearly as susceptible as most of you to the brainwashing.
I quit watching television about 34 years ago, when every single show was promoting homosexuality.

Recognizing The Joy of Women.

Female sexuality has been referred to as the "dark continent" by Freud himself. He observed that compared to male sexual anatomy, female sexual anatomy is less obvious.

Read More https://bit.ly/3T7G7qJ

How Does Losing Your Virginity Affect You?

We all have virginity, it is not a physical quality. You are not required to lose your virginity or engage in sexual activity with another individual. It cannot be misplaced or stolen by another person. It's critical to understand that you have control over both your physical appearance and your sexuality.

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Hypnosis Sexuality

Interested in sexual hypnosis because you have trouble getting orgasms?. Hypnosis sexuality will help you.

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Teacher Turns His High School Classroom Into a Gay/Trans Nightclub
Any parent that sends their children into government schools is …. unfit.
Stop sexuality our children.
Watch: Drag queen teacher shows off classroom decked in rainbows that turns into a “nightclub”
Rapidly, education is being reconfigured. Not too long ago, the institution involved academic disciplines such as English and science. These days, it seems more about ideology. Critical Race Theory and gender identity appear progressively more emphasized than the subjects of yore.
Additionally, there’s a different sort of substantial change: Whereas study topics were once front and center, a trend finds classrooms increasingly becoming extensions of the teachers.
Read more here: https://gellerreport.com/2...

CDC Directs youth to secretive chats about sexuality, sex changes, occult practices and ‘finding a chosen family’


Sadiq Khan is a so called “proud Muslim”. 🤦🏽‍♂️The penalty for homosexuality in Islam is death.

Homosexuality is criminalised in almost all Muslim nations.

Here he is, taking part in Gay Pride in London on Saturday… 🫤🫤

He ain’t a real Muslim.. they are being paid to carry out this evil agenda to the living rooms of viewers and those participate.

They want to legalise paedophila they want our children living in a inverted world. They will use LGBTQ to open the doors to more evil.

This LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 gay pride festival totally goes against the laws of nature and the natural way of life…


Washington state school board director to teach sexual 'pleasure' class to 9-year-olds at sex shop-there coming to abuse your children. This is just the beginning, watch as biden approves child abuse.

"The class for 9- to 12-year-olds is an introduction to topics related to relationships, puberty, bodies, and sexuality. We focus on what makes healthy vs. unhealthy friendships and romantic relationships, the science of how puberty works, consent and personal boundaries, defining ‘sex’, and discussing why people may or may not choose to engage in sexual activities," Jenn Mason, owner of sex shop WinkWink in Bellingham and school board director for the Bellingham School District.


Stop forcing kids to declare a sexuality before their bodies are ready https://www.dailymail.co.u...

Stop forcing kids to declare a sexuality before their bodies are ready https://www.dailymail.co.u...

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