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Mary Bourne
3 months ago
Twisted Eagle
4 months ago
The head of Hezbollah's executive council, Hashem Safi al-Din, says that "if Israel makes a mistake in its calculations, our missiles will reach Tel Aviv and the Radwan force will enter the Galilee." Safi al-Din also said that "the walls that Israel built on the border are destined to be destroyed - we will reach the hills and streams behind them without a doubt." Safi Edin also referred to the internal situation in Israel and said: "Israeli society is collapsing from within, the current leadership is corrupt - all of this indicates the weak and fragile social structure."
4 months ago
Schembechler on Twitter behavior: 'I was wrong' https://www.espn.com/colle...
6 months ago
Alex Jones
12 months ago
VIDEO: Shemeka Michelle SLAMS Abortion At Debate Of Black Americans In D.C. https://www.infowars.com/p...
Roger Anghis
1 yr. ago
Kate Shemirani: Freemasons & Murder & That’s Just The NHS! Doctors & Nurses Fronting For The ‘Regime’
Nurse and nutritionist Kate Shemirani, who appears every Saturday morning at 8am EST on The Sons of Liberty, recently divulged some deeply disturbing, but not surprising, information regarding what is taking place in the United Kingdom. Among the revelations were several doctors that are Freemasons who have been involved in the ongoing CONvid-1984 genocide. Additionally, many in the National Health Service, including doctors and nurses, are also continuing to promote the CONvid lies and even pimping out more of the genocide jabs despite the overwhelming evidence that is coming out and exposing their crimes of murder.
Shemirani’s comments have caused quite a stir among peers and the medical profession since there are so many Freemasons in the UK.
Read more here: https://sonsoflibertymedia...
Dan Baron
2 yr. ago
Dan Baron
2 yr. ago

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