America, our Supreme Court is limited to 9 seats under a 150 year old federal law. The law was enacted to stop Congress from using “court-packing” to seize control of the Court and use it as a political weapon through the addition of or taking away seats to control its votes!

Right now there are 6 conservatives and sensible moderates and 3 radical liberals(Socialists)! Biden is planning to KILL the law of our 9 seats, increasing into where the SOCIALIST will have the majority, thus America will become pure Socialism! I suggest everyone SCREAM/YELL at your reps and demand they do not change this law and we keep our 9 seats for the Supreme Court!

Most people in the U.S. fall somewhere on a spectrum from pure libertarianism to some form of democratic socialism. Most people either want to keep what they earn, or else redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor. Most people are too busy with their own lives to be concerned with who is gay or trans, who wants to smoke weed, who didn't stand up for the national anthem, or who isn't wearing a flag pin. Most people do want a clean environment to live in. Most people want to avoid wars. Most people are not racist. The only point where most people run into disagreement with each other is on economic policy, but even then, most people agree that we shouldn't rob from the poor to give to the rich.

Unfortunately, the nation is not run by "most people."

America, if the anti-American Senate passes S.1, the Federal government will have 100% total control over our Federal elections! The Federal Government will tell/dictate to the states HOW TO RUN their Federal elections!

What does that mean? It means the Socialists will NEVER lose! It means SOCIALISM has 100% total control over our country! America will be “DEAD”!

This is why I am asking everyone, every red-blooded American, demand your Senator votes “NO” on S.1. Vote them out if they don’t!

Eventually, we're going to get to a point where automation is doing the vast majority of the jobs, and 3D-printing will become so advanced, that most products can be created instantly and for virtually no cost. At that point, money will serve no logical purpose, and the whole socialism/capitalism debate will become moot.

The problem is that this transition won't happen overnight, and we're going to be seeing drastic increases in poverty and unemployment during the interim. Instead of our leaders struggling to maintain the status quo, what we all should be doing is putting together a think tank to devise solutions to make the inevitable transition to a moneyless technopoly as smooth as possible.

Stop put other nicknames in the devil, Alex Jones!

The Color Revolution Against America Revealed
There's an ongoing revolution to destroy the last vestiges of liberty in America as the globalists promote the Great Reset

➤ Infowars -

My fellow Americans, our White House is America’s most dangerous enemy! Biden has weaponized the Corrupt DOJ and FBI to work against us, the American people!

True Socialism can only be enforced by dictatorships or one party states, like N.Korea, China and Venezuela! Socialism stifles innovation and competition! It doesn’t work unless the corrupt government takes away the rights of the individuals! To stay in power, Socialist governments disarm their citizens! Just like the Biden, DOJ and FBI are trying to do to the American people!

The only way a command economy can run is if government seizes control of everything and eliminates personal freedoms!

The “open borders agenda” is about making it easier for government to turn America into a Socialist state!

When government owns everything, as in Socialist societies, individuals own nothing, our homes, cars, we own nothing, we have no pride in ownership of nothing!

America, it is time to vote straight GOP, or we will LOSE EVE

Stop put other nicknames in the devil, Alex Jones!

The Color Revolution Against America Revealed
There's an ongoing revolution to destroy the last vestiges of liberty in America as the globalists promote the Great Reset

➤ Infowars -

Socialism Is Not Groupthink, but Statethink: A Brief Comment on Jordan Peterson

My fellow Americans, this Illegal, so-called, President Biden is selling out OUR nations “Oil Reserve” to our enemies, especially China and other enemies around the world! This is a blatant lawless action and the corrupt DOJ, FBI are totally ignoring Biden’s lawlessness!

America, these SOBs that are labelled as “Democrats” are NOT Democrats! They are ALL pushing SOCIALISM on the American people! These scumbags are ALL ignoring their Oaths of Office! They are working to destroy our Constitution, which they swore to “serve, honor and defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic1” These scumbags are absolute “DOMESTIC ENEMIES” to us, the American people and our Constitution!

Come November, I suggest we ALL vote straight GOP, otherwise we will lose our country!


Scamdemic/Hoax-Covid was the PHASE I to deployment of WWIII that is a not conventional War to deploy Communism-Nazi-Fascism Dictatorship that many still called using the terms/lexicon invented by these Socialist-Communist-Nazi-Fascist-Satanist devils of NOM/Agenda 21/2030/Great Reset...

How free the minds of People using all the lexicon/Evil Distorted Vocabulary of the Enemy of God,People,Freedom,Country and Family????

Dem seeking to serve as California's next financial watchdog took 2006 trip to study socialism in Venezuela

Daily Surge Friday ...
-- Projection, Anyone? Joe Biden – Puppet of Violence-Prone Leftists – Accuses Conservatives of Promoting Violence
-- Latest ‘Politically Incorrect’ Guides: P*ndemic Propaganda, Socialism in Cross Hairs


-- Latest ‘Politically Incorrect’ Guides: P*ndemic Propaganda, Socialism in Cross Hairs

Elections aren’t working anymore.
There is no single election cycle or politician who will ever save you. The system can’t simply be reformed. Parasites such as the Deep State, the political class, the Federal Reserve have seized control of our government and the system is now ROTTEN to the core. 

The Mises Institute is fighting for our culture, government, and to dismantle Socialism!
The Mises Institute exists to educate both scholars and everyday Americans about the ideas of liberty and free market capitalism.

We must expose the truth and teach everyday Americans why we must… 
Defund the FBI
Abolish the Federal Reserve 
Cease endless wars (like Trump warned us about)
Fire every member of the IRS
America. look at “The Mines Institute” to save our nation, and our Freedoms!

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