Twisted Eagle
27 days ago
In the heart of every man lies a dormant fire, yearning to be awakened.

Embracing masculinity goes beyond stereotypes and machismo; it is about embracing our inner strength, resilience, and integrity.

As warriors of life, we are called to protect and uplift those in need, to be guardians of justice and compassion.

By embracing our masculinity, we tap into our authentic selves and fulfill our potential. Let us unleash the power within us, not to dominate, but to make a positive impact.

Together, as brothers, we can forge a world where honor, courage, and kindness prevail.

Embrace your masculinity, and become the beacon of change this world awaits.⚜️?⚜️?⚜️?⚜️?
Ministry Of Truth
1 yr. ago
Next thing ya know, Jill Biden will be courting the black vote with chitlins, fried chicken, & watermelons!

It's amazing First Lady Jill Biden had to be told by the Latino community that 62 million Hispanic Americans are not tacos, says Sky News host James Morrow.

Dr. Biden has been criticized for comparing Latino people to "breakfast tacos" during her speech at the annual conference of UnidosUS in San Antonio on Monday.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists slammed the remarks, claiming Dr. Biden is relying on stereotypes.

"Hispanic groups immediately denounced the clueless speech, which suggested the first lady got her knowledge of Latin culture from an Old El Paso meal kit," Mr. Morrow said.

Next thing ya know, Jill Biden will be courting the black vote with chitlins, fried chicken, & watermelons!
Alfred Cruz
1 yr. ago
How does Age Affect Sexual Behavior and What You Can Do About It? | Porno19.com

A love connection is frequently built on sex, but that doesn't mean it's always simple. Although most individuals are unaware of these changes in their sex lives, many people have heard that sex changes as you age.

All ages should prioritize their sexual health. Sadly, older adults are frequently subjected to unfavorable sex stereotypes. Naturally, having sex doesn't have to cease as you get older.

You should, nonetheless, be aware of how the body might alter, how that impacts sex, and what you can do to cure it. Here is a handbook to explain the relationship between aging and sex.

Read more: https://bit.ly/3SWpYUL
Frank Seymour
1 yr. ago
My fellow Americans, here is the sickness these SOCIALISTIC bastards are pushing on our children! I thank GOD I have no children of school age!

This is in Nebraska:
Teaching Kindergartners about cohabitating & same-gender families;
First Graders would be taught to define “gender identity & gender role stereotypes;
Four Graders would be taught that sex is “assigned” at birth and gender is fluid;
Sixth Graders would be taught about identifying with multiple sexual identities, including “bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, two spirit, asexual and pansexual;
Eighth Graders would be taught abortion is “reproductive care” and how to develop a plan to eliminate an unintended pregnancy!

The proposed standards also graphically discuss topics such as anal sex and masturbation!
Patrick McCaffery
2 yr. ago
kenneth adair
2 yr. ago
Pharos Project
2 yr. ago

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