Graphic Video: COVID Vaccine Genocide 2021-2022

Horrifying compilation of numerous vaccine-injured individuals reveals plethora of devastating side effects caused by the COVID-19 mRNA injections.

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Covid Vaccines Are Killing One in Every 800 Over-60s and Should Be Withdrawn Immediately, Says Leading Vaccine Scientist
Covid Vaccines Are Killing One in Every 800 Over-60s and Should Be Withdrawn Immediately, Says Leading Vaccine Scientist

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Monkeypox Vaccine Strategy Predicted in 2005 War-Game “Atlantic Storm”
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OF GRADUALLY CENSORSHIP OFF ALL INTERNET in another countries such Brazil who people are so ignorant and illiterate easy deceive and control by their "Politicians" including Bolsonaro and the result is that almost 70% taken many shots some even all 4 Shots of this poison but Americans don't give a Fuck about it!

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Ding-Dong! The Vaccine Mandates Are Dead! Required COVID Shots for School Children are NOT Happening

"Only about 3 percent of children under 5 had received a first dose by July 20."

"No state in the country [United States] is planning to require student vaccinations, a marked turnaround from where things seemed to be headed last winter..."

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"Democrat mega donor Steve Kirsch explains why he’s jumping ship from the Democrat party on Fox with Tucker- “My friends are dying. The most dangerous vaccine ever created by man.”

“Today we are announcing the first step in our novel respiratory vaccine jab program with the development of a single dose that combines a booster against COVID-19 and a booster against flu,” CEO Stephane Bancel said in a statement Thursday.

“We believe this is just the beginning of a new age of information-based medicines.”

“What we’re trying to do at Moderna actually is to get a flu vaccine in the clinic this year and then combine our flu vaccine to our Covid vaccine so you only have to get one boost at your local CVS store... every year that would protect you to the variant of concern against Covid and the seasonal flu strain,” Bancel said in April.

Moderna also announced Thursday it is developing a pediatric vaccine,.....


Rep. Thomas Massie On The CDC Quietly Deleting Misleading Info From Their Website

The following statement was removed from their website between July 16th and July 22nd:

“The mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body.”

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A peer-reviewed study from researchers in France has concluded that both the experimental Pfizer and Moderna vaccines significantly increase the risk of myocarditis compared to the unvaccinated, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

While both mRNA therapies were found to be linked to the life-threatening heart condition, the Moderna jabs results were particularly shocking, especially among young adults, as researchers found the risk for myocarditis diagnosis following the Moderna jab was 44 times higher risk for individuals aged 18 to 24 years old, according to the study.

According to the CDC data, the incidence of heart inflammation was 4.41 excess per 100,000 who received the Pfizer/BioNTech for males aged 18-39 versus 6.27 excess cases per 100,000 for Moderna, Reuters reported.


Facebook Blocks #DiedSuddenly Hashtag

Facebook has hidden posts with the “#diedsuddenly” hashtag because it claims that some of these posts violate its far-reaching community standards. When users search for this hashtag, no results are displayed and Facebook shows a message stating that the results are hidden.

While Facebook doesn’t specify which rules these posts allegedly violated, Twitter users have been using the hashtag to share news stories about people who died suddenly. Most of these Twitter posts note that those who died were fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and allude to there being a connection between the vaccines and their deaths.

If Facebook users are posting similar content under this hashtag, the posts are likely to violate the tech giant’s ban on a wide range of COVID-19 vaccine claims.

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COVID-19 vaccine boosters have backfired and have made people sicker and added to the cumulative risks the FDA warns about including heart damage, brain injury, disability, and death. Many are saying "no mas" to any more shots. They are done with this massive failed human experiment.

Watch: Moderna CEO Predicts People Will Get Covid Vaccines Every Year Like “An iPhone”

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