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The Blue Tree Clinic offers services for private Autism assessment in London, UK, for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and the best treatment options.


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Reasons Behind Autism

The research report shows that cannot specify the particular cause of autism, anything could be the reason as described below. Other than the over studies and paracetamol

being one main cause of autism, there are sure possible risk factors, such as;

genetic mutation and Family history
syndrome-like fragile-X disorder
overage mom giving birth
An underweight baby during birth
old days viral infections
Metabolic disorders
vulnerability to heavy metals or environmental toxins

Autism affects the child's development or not would depend on the family environment and genetic conditions. There was a controversial study about the cause of autism.
they claimed that some particular medicine can be the cause autism but according to the research of NINDS, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke also clarify that vaccines don't cause autism.
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Help Anxiety and Depression in Children

A child psychologist is concerned with the responses that some children experience due to events that occur in their particular lives. These experiences cause children
always are emotionally stressed and they result in changing their behavior. May possibly withdraw from others or have painful memories. An educated person will help the children to together with such concerns.
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