Joe Biden sets FBI loose on person who sold Ashley Biden diary

06/18/2022 - Joe Biden sets FBI loose on person who sold Ashley Biden diary

In a blatant attempt to utilize government and agency overreach, Joe Biden has set his FBI goons loose on the person who sold Ashley Biden’s diary. No doubt the effort is being utilized to protect secrets that are contained within the pages that may implicate various members of the Biden family in crimes and treason against the American people, and the USA.

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Wow: A Catholic Priest Drops a TRUTH BOMB on Joe Biden
Now do Pelosi.
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More Biden corruption:

“Goodbye, petrol-powered automobile, you peasant! The move away from fossil fuels is long past due and it can’t advance quickly enough,” according to Biden Admin Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm, “so middle-class and working-class Americans should get their wallets ready.”

In a recent video, the energy secretary for Biden stated, “Right now, we are seeing the start of perhaps one of the most important historical events in humanity’s history. The transition to clean energy.”

These remarks coincide with record-breaking gas prices, unheard-of inflation, the ongoing supply chain crisis, and what appears to be a looming recession, according to The Post Millenial.

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America, “Investigators Find Who’s Really Controlling Biden!”

Investigations have revealed that the Biden administration is collaborating with a Chinese-affiliated green energy firm on legislation that will affect millions of Americans.

The Natural Resources Defense Council(NRDC’s) trick is to condemn the carbon impact of Western nations while defending China. This advances the overarching globalist plan, which seeks to undermine Western competitiveness and steal prosperity while supporting Chinese global supremacy.

The Biden administration is reportedly celebrating rising energy costs for Americans as a result of their misguided environmental goal, according to the media:

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Biden administration secretly flies illegal immigrants into New York

Biden's student-debt transfer benefits high-earners most https://www.based-politics...

Biden Surveying Storm Damage in Puerto Rico

Biden told Rev. Al Sharpton he will run for a second term in 2024: report

UN Treaty Creates Medical Dictatorship Under Biden

Coast Guard to fire rescuer that Biden thanked

Biden, Harris flop worldwide

UN Treaty Creates Medical Dictatorship Under Biden

Supreme Court turns away challenge to Biden federal vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

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