When choosing the right bottle of #Shiraz #wine for you, you need to consider the region it comes from, as different parts produce different flavours.

Mineral Water Supplier in Birgunj, Mineral Water Distributor in Birgunj, Mineral Water Manufacturer in Birgunj- Chance Water | Sharda Industries

Small water business where water is packed in bottles and jars. Home delivery facility is also available here.

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Too lazy to open your bottle?

These are some fun tricks that might work for you!Grab your favourite drink from the link in bio.


This festive season, we get LAZY!

Let’s mix-it-up this time!

Lazy cocktails is all set to bring your house party’s bar high! Choose from a variety of mixes and BYOB (Be Your Own Bartender) this year! With no added artificial flavours and a belief that enjoying a party is more important than preparing for one, let’s kickstart this new year with bar quality cocktail mixers at the comfort of your home

Whether your laziest friends like mocktails or cocktails we’ve got you covered for both in just 1 bottle! Enjoy the variants neat as a mocktail or add your spike to the punch! Either way we tell you it’s a win-win! Pick your spirit and add colour to your cocktails with ease. Choose and create an array of cocktails for that perfect party at home since we are not lazy, we just like it easy!

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