GOP Rep. Chip Roy Exposes Dems For Refusing To Condemn Socialism

Rep. Chip Roy says Congress should repeal FACE Act after Mark Houck acquittal

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MP1517DR chip
MPSK391517DR is a boost converter chip with miniature 4mm*4mm 16-pin QFN packaging technology, located in the lower right corner of the front of the Antminer S17+ hash board. Its current mode regulation and external compensation components allow the MP1517DR control loop to be optimized over a wide range of input, output and load current conditions.
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Chip Roy spearheads legislation to defund K-12 schools that teach critical race theory concepts

China puts missile bases on disputed South China Sea islands, analysts say

A newly emerged satellite image shows a Chinese air defense facility on the Paracel Islands, which analysts say indicates the People's Liberation Army now has surface-to-air missiles at the ready permanently in both the contested archipelagos in the South China Sea. ...

Smart Set-top Box And Dongle Market: Technological Growth Map over Time

During the forecast period, the market for smart set-top box and dongle is expected to grow at a rapid CAGR of 6%. The market for smart set-top boxes and dongles is expected to be worth US$25.36 billion in 2022. By the year 2032, it is predicted that the market for smart set-top boxes and dongles will reach a high of US$ 45.42 Bn.

Customers can now take use of their preferred streaming apps in the best visual and audio quality. The A15 Bionic chip's scorching performance, easy controls, and seamless connection with gadgets and smart home accessories all contribute to this.

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Benefits of Smart set top box

Online streaming of videos, music, photos, and other web content without any subscription of cable or satellite TV.
Display quality of up to 4K.
Provide access to DVR capabilities.
Display of content through ex

The smart pharmaceutical and healthcare labels market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 16%, till 2035, claims Roots Analysis

In order to overcome the limitations and challenges related to counterfeit drugs, researchers and industry stakeholders are gradually adopting smart pharmaceutical and healthcare labels, which offer multiple benefits over conventional labels.

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Smart Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Labels Market, 2022-2035” report to its list of offerings.

A smart label comprises of printed information, a bar code identifier and a small transponder. This transponder contains a processing chip and an antenna that allows physical objects to communicate with the tag reader (for instance, RFID reader).
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Chip Roy issues fiery response after Gingrich calls anti-McCarthy bloc 'blackmailers'

Iot Chip Market Size Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Key Factors Forecast, 2022–2030
The Global Iot Chip market drivers and restraints Market report, released by Emergen research, provides the target audience with the key information pertaining to the global Iot Chip market drivers and restraints Market industry. The research contains the details about the latest events in the Iot Chip market drivers and restraints market including but not limited to the product launches, acquisition and mergers, collaborations and technology advancements with an aim to help business evangelists, product owners and marketing personnel understand what the future demands, customer preferences, consumption volume, production capacity and supply chain management of the Iot Chip market drivers and restraints market will be like.https://www.emergenresearc...

Gideões do Brasil:

Dec, 28 of 2022: Yesterday Dec, 27 of 2022 Brazilian "Ministry of Health" liberated to Sickening, Poisoning and Microchip to Enslave and Murder even to children of 6 mounts of age with infinite doses of "Vaxx" of Covid-Hoax.

I just want to know what the gang that is opposite of Military Intervention in Three Branch's of Brazil Republic in all three levels of Government Federal,State and Local will gonna do when this "Ministry of Health" that is not Public Health

Intelligent Platform Management Interface Market Prospects and Growth Assessment 2026

The hardware chip that implements the core of the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a standard message-based hardware management interface. CPUs, embedded management sub-subsystems, and remote management applications can all connect with embedded management subsystems in specific ways that are defined by IPMI (with the help of serial lines, LANs, etc.).

The IPMB standard is used to implement a variety of embedded subsystems, including BMCs (baseboard management controllers), EMCs (enclosure management controllers), and PMCs (peripheral management controllers through ICMB). The hardware chip that supports IPMI and aids in server control is known as Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) or Management Controller (MC).

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IPMI: Market Dynamics

The market is being driven by IPMI because

Video: #ChipRoy (U.S. #Representative for #Texas 's 21st #Congressional district.) Everything the #American people are watching right now is a complete sham, it's a #fraud

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