Covid Drug Paxlovid is becoming an enigma, ineffective

09/03/2022 - Covid Drug Paxlovid is becoming an enigma, ineffective

There’s growing concern about the link between Pfizer’s antiviral pill and COVID rebound, in which patients test positive or have symptoms days after a course of the drug is completed. President Biden, Jill Biden and Anthony Fauci have each relapsed.

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New Peer-Reviewed Report in the Journal Vaccines Shows COVID-19 mRNA Spike Protein in Dead Man’s Brain & Heart

🇩🇪📝💉COVID19Up: In the journal Vaccines, Dr. Michael Mörz of the Dresden Institute for Pathology in Germany published ( a new case study on Saturday (Oct. 1) of an autopsy of a 76-year-old deceased man.

According to the findings, spike proteins directly linked to the COVID-19 vaccine attacked the man's brain (https://kanekoa.substack.c... and heart's blood arteries.

The research revealed that "only spike protein but no nucleocapsid protein" could be observed using immunohistochemistry, which employs immune staining techniques that light up specific antigens. This indicates that the necrotizing encephalitis (death of brain tissues) and the inflammatory changes in the small blood vessels (brain and heart) were caused by COVID-19 mRNA vaccination rather than viral infection.

#Whitehouse plays damage control yet again after #JoeBiden search for deceased Representative #JackieWalorski adds to list of walk-backs: #Biden statements on everything from #Ukraine to the #COVID19 #Pandemic #Scamdemic have been walked back or corrected by White House staff

Video from December 9, 2021 - DR COWAN DESTROYS the entire Mainstream #medical CONCEPT of CONTAGIOUS #VIRUSES AND #COVID19

🇺🇸💉COVID19Up: Dr. Fauci claims there is not enough time to wait for clinical trials before deploying updated COVID-19 mRNA booster injections into the arms of millions of people.

"We don't have time to do a clinical trial because we need to get the vaccine out now," Fauci said on CBC this week, per The Epoch Times.

The shots contain elements of the original COVID strain and the BA.4, and BA.5 variants of SARS-CoV-2. But no human data has been made available for the formulations.

Preclinical testing data from experiments on mice were presented by both of the pharmaceutical firms, and references were made to the human data for a different formulation, combinations of the original and BA.1 strains.

The director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, said on August 29 that waiting for data from human clinical trials would leave the boosters outdated......


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I WILL HAVE MORE TO SAY ON THIS ESPECIALLY THOSE IN #Florida ! Why has no one been prosecuted for murder and....
Dayna Stevens
My mother’s name was Rebecca Stevens. She was a 59 year old grandmother to five boys. I brought her to Advent Health Hospital in Altamonte Springs Florida on September 27, 2021. She tested positive for #COVID19 and was admitted. I have a medical background and was a nursing student. I spoke with a friend who was a Respiratory therapist just a few weeks before who warned about how deadly and toxic #Remdisavir was. PLEASE READ THIS & I plan to do a audio on this! https://www.protocolkills....

BREAKING: After reviewing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for tourists, CDC decided to keep the rule in place.
This is in contradiction to it's latest guidance in treating vaccinated and unvaccinated people equal.
Previously the page showed a notice sign, that the guidance is under review.


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