In response Twisted Eagle to his Mumbl

It is statistically proven monkey pox is being transmitted through gays and direct sexual contact, but they will attempt to shut the states down with this.

Wiener Says Gays Shouldn’t Avoid Sex Party Orgies Despite Monkeypox

About Scamdemic 2 of Monkeypox:

Its a consequence of Covid-Hoax VAX too...
Has many gays/lesbians that is against Communism/Nazi-Fascism too.
They are the first be killed by tyrants.
The history shows this too...
This is another way to divide & slave people even more...
To let these devils from left impose change & control even sexual life of 90% of People!

Wake up to this new scapegoat of "Perverts" that devils are using to control and change normal sexual active of heterosexuals I.E criminalize destroying gradually what's is normal and impose their abnormal satanic bestiality to humanity destroy American Way of Life & Western Judeo-Christian Civilization/Culture.
This is what Communist and Nazi-Fascist always do in past to impose their tyranny like we saw described in 1984 from Orwell that even sexual activity of People was controlled and even criminalized by Communist-Nazi-Fascists.

Jenna Ellis, Gays Against Groomers, Punished by Twitter Over “Groomer” Term
Situation Update, June 30, 2022 - Food inflation DESPERATION leads to VIOLENT ATTACKS in grocery stores

- Updates on the #Abortion industry lunatics preying upon children
- "Gays Against Groomers" goes BIG, rejects the radicalism of the trans lunatics
- Food #Inflation leading to desperation and VIOLENCE at food retail locations
- It's gonna get way worse as ground beef will shoot to $25 / pound

Brighteon (
Situation Update, June 30, 2022 - Food inflation DESPERATION leads to VIOLENT ATTACKS in grocery stores
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Gays have a place in Trump's Republican Party http://www.GeorgiaLogCabin...

Gays are a bellwether for the GOP

This is the racist Atlanta, GA Democratic official who the MLB & Braves selected to make the 1st pitch at their Pride game this week. ⚾️🧢 #NotInOurName

Atlanta, GA Democratic official despises white gays

Left’s Coalition Cracking: #IlhanOmar Enrages #Muslims by Wishing #Sexual Deviants & #gays “Happy Pride Month” https://www.frontpagemag.c...

A smart woman put this out and I think everyone should be made aware of it!

Thomas Sowell, renowned economist and thinker, said it well. “Civil rights used to be about treating everyone the same, but today, some people are so used to special treatment that equal treatment is considered to be discrimination.”
That is my opinion when it comes to the LGBTQ+ agenda. If they do not receive special privileges, they consider themselves oppressed.

America, we are ALL the same, and there is no one group of people, gays, blacks, whatever you think you are, that deserves more “special privileges” than any other group of people! Our country has gone WAY OVERBOARD on handing out “special privileges” to any and ALL groups, who think they deserve more than any other American!

NO ONE, is better than anyone else, and no one deserves more "PRIVILEGES" than anyone else! Treating someone the way YOU want to be treated, is the best way to get along!

In response Patrick McCaffery to his Mumbl

To bad the left wing hypocrites are not as inclusive as they want all of us to be with blacks and gays. Sad how these SO CALLED feel good people only want a one way feel good!!

Women and gays to win for Republicans

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