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Patrick McCaffery
2 days ago
Susan Taapken
27 days ago
Teen Turns To Homeschooling After Refusing School's Demand To Take American Flags Off Truck

Daily Surge
4 months ago
Daily Surge Tuesday ...
-- Standing Up for Kids! Writer Confronts Store Manager About Perverted, Corrupting Agenda
-- Kinda Obvious: Attack on Homeschooling Equals Thinly Veiled Attack on Christianity

Daily Surge
4 months ago
-- Kinda Obvious: Attack on Homeschooling Equals Thinly Veiled Attack on Christianity
One America News
8 months ago
Ohio fighting pro-Nazi homeschool https://www.oann.com/newsr...
ifaa khan
10 months ago
Preschool Learning Kit : Explore with the dynamic home learning interactive kits from The Busy Bee for complete holistic development of your kid.
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ifaa khan
1 yr. ago
Scholar Bee Early Learning workbook and kit - A complete homeschooling kit for holistic development of your little one | Preschool Learning Kit
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Terry L. Clark
1 yr. ago

July 14, 2022

Free the Children Homeschool Summit

How government schools are purposefully designed to dumb down your kids.
And why homeschooling is your best chance to restore your child’s natural curiosity, intelligence, and freedom

Government schools aren't just failing to educate your kids...they're actively harming them.
School is transforming kids from naturally curious learners into obedient drones to serve corporations and the government

The free homeschool summit will show you how to undo the damage of public schools...
...and give you a proven path to raising happy, healthy, bright, and independent kids (the way they’re supposed to be)

Full summit description and signup:

Roger Anghis
1 yr. ago
More proof that our ‘schools’ need to be state run, no unions and parent approved.
Oregon School District Books Contain Pornographic Imagery Of Sex Acts
Horrifying. Look at what depraved degenerate authoritarians are exposing your children to.
Yet another unequivocal mandate for homeschooling. Any parent that keeps their child in government schools is unfit. Truly.
Oregon nurse speaks out against public schools’ indoctrination
Kristen Stevens told Fox News Digital that she took her children out of Oregon public schools in order to avoid them getting indoctrinated.
Oregon schools in the North Clackamas District contain books with pornographic imagery, including imagery of sex acts, according to an online portal schools use to track books available for children to take out at their libraries.
Read more here: https://gellerreport.com/2...
Roger Anghis
1 yr. ago
Home schooling: here’s what our masters say
“Elizabeth Bartholet, the director of Harvard Law’s Child Advocacy Program, described the ‘homeschooling phenomenon’ as a ‘threat’ to society, claiming that conservative parents ‘homeschool because they want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to our democracy’, ‘promote racial segregation and female subservience’, and ‘question science’.”
“Her paper called for a ‘presumptive ban on homeschooling, with the burden on parents to demonstrate justification for permission to homeschool.’ These views are not fringe.”
Of course, this elite Harvard titan, Bartholet, knows which ideas and values are central to our democracy; and the place to drill them into children’s heads is public school.
Which pretty much sums up what public schools are for.
Read more here: https://blog.nomorefakenew...

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