Americans who can’t afford US prices move to England

07/20/2022 - Americans who can’t afford US prices move to England

Large numbers of US citizens now find it is impossible to afford homes in their neighborhoods. Many have now begun to purchase homes in the UK, as the housing markets in the United States remain primed to crash.

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Climate czar John Kerry says Biden will impose more mandates, go farther than Inflation Reduction Act

The Fed’s Dilemma: Fight Inflation or Save Failing Banks

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Systemic Credit Crunch Replaces Inflation as Fund Managers’ Top Worry

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Sen. Warren Says Fed Chair Wants to Make Millions of Americans Jobless to Fight Inflation

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Consumers Dig Deeper in Debt as Inflation Prompts Credit Card Use for Daily Expenses

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Federal Reserve’s Bank Rescue Could Inject $2 Trillion of Liquidity, Raising Inflation Concerns

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Inflation Wiping Out Families As Economy Breaks Down, Says Carl Icahn

BREAKING: The Fed is going to PRINT MONEY to bail out all depositors of SVB and Silvergate. They claim "no taxpayer money" will be used for the bailout, but by printing money, they will be diluting the value of all dollars and causing MORE inflation everywhere!
This is yet more theft by the Federal Reserve to bail out a bunch of "woke" techno-tyranny startups that almost all push vaccines, transgenderism and censorship.
The Fed just "taxed" everybody to bail out the woke. Is anyone surprised?

This is bigger than people realize. Income for over 1000 start up and tech companies is paid via the SVP. They don’t have liquidity or revenue. Some of the names you may know:
- Roku
- Shopify
- ZipRecruiter
- top venture capital firms, Andreesson Horowitz

Shark tank gonna go off the air…

Bad news for Biden: New survey shows majority of Americans more worried about inflation than taxes

More US Interest Rate Hikes Needed to Win Inflation Fight, Federal Reserve Says

House Passes Bill to Compel Biden Admin to Publish Inflationary Estimates of Executive Actions

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House Passes REIN IN Inflation Act

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