PROTESTORS OVERTAKE FREEWAY in Los Angeles, assault vehicles refusing to stop. THOUSANDS are now marching on the 110 Freeway North. Happening Now In Los Angeles.

Democrats have been greasing the rails for domestic terrorism with BLM/Antifa and inciting hatred through every media outlet. This is exactly the outcome they want.

It may be time to lock & load in your home areas.

Don't let them make you a victim! We may need to call out the Rooftop Koreans!

🔴 North Korean Defector Has Blunt Words About Left-Wing Ideologies, Explains the 'Reality of Socialism'


South Korea's unification ministry stated on Tuesday that North Korea is ready to carry out a nuclear test at any time, South Korean news agency Yonhap quoted an anonymous official from the ministry as saying.

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South Korean defense minister Lee Jong-sup said South Korea is ready to engage in talks with Japan in order to strengthen their cooperation and three-way alliance with the United States to counter North Korea.

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After 70 Years, This Korean War Vet Gets The SURPRISE He Deserves — The Next News Network 7:08

US Deputy Secretary warned North Korea of a "forceful response" if the country decides to carry out a nuclear test, as both U.S. and South Korean officials say that the North is preparing its first nuclear test in five years.

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*EARLY ACCESS* South Korean news Yonhap is reporting that North Korea has fired 8 short-range ballistic missiles, citing the South Korean military.

*DEVELOPING* The Japanese Coast Guard and South Korean military have both reported that North Korea has launched a ballistic missile toward the East Sea.

Biden to meet with Fed chairman on inflation, Korean pop supergroup BTS on Asian inclusion

According to a South Korean official, North Korea has been testing a 'nuclear detonation device' for weeks, likely in preparation for a nuclear test. Continued operations additionally spotted at Yongbyon nuclear facility.

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