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Terry L. Clark
23 hours ago
"I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency [the National Security Agency] and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return."
-Senator Frank Church (1975)
Alex Jones
2 days ago
Watch: Russell Brand Exposes ‘Trusted News Initiative’ Behind Big Tech & UK Gov Collusion to Silence Him https://www.infowars.com/p...
Twisted Eagle
2 days ago
HUMANITY IS FUCKED. Elon Musk's brain-computer technology Nueralink approved for human clinical trials
"The first human patient will soon receive a Neuralink device. This ultimately has the potential to restore full body movement," Musk said.
3 days ago
Identifying potential and druggable targets for developing new drugs is the first major step for curing a disease, which includes the understanding of the cellular, molecular, biochemical complexities associated with a specific disease. The classical hypothesis of ‘one gene, one drug, one disease’ in the drug discovery paradigm may have contributed to the low success rate in drug development. Using AI and related technologies in the target identification process allows scientists and pharmaceutical companies to really explore all the available evidence to better understand a disease and its underlying biology. Our team has focused on target identification, with growing amounts of data supporting early decision making. https://ai.computabio.com/...
3 days ago
Drug research and development is the driving force of the pharmaceutical industry, and it has also caused a research boom in the academic community. Computer-aided drug design is a supplement to traditional experimental drug discovery. It accelerates the development of new drugs, shortens drug development time, and reduces the cost of drug R & D projects. Physics-based calculation methods used in CADD improve the success rate of drug development. Using our AI technology to accelerate drug discovery process, more intuitive data can be applied to help you analyze whether there is a correlation between drug and target. https://ai.computabio.com/...
Twisted Eagle
4 days ago
The period of US superiority in military technology is over; Washington needs to learn from other countries. This opinion was expressed by Pentagon Assistant Chief of Strategy, Planning and Capabilities Mara Carlin, speaking on September 20 at the Ronald Reagan Institute.

The assistant to the head of the department noted that the country needs to exchange experience and developments with its allies.
Twisted Eagle
4 days ago
The bill removes critical environmental impact review requirements + facilitates the rapid build-out of wireless infrastructure.

A growing body of science demonstrates these harms to plants, animals, insects, bacteria, and the atmosphere, including:
▪️Biological damage, adverse effects on growth rate, and shorter life spans in plants;
▪️Irreversible infertility, increased mortality rates, and altered genetic expression in the brain in animals;
▪️Colony deterioration, decline in egg-laying rates, and reduced motor activity in insects;
▪️Alteration of growth rates in bacteria;
▪️And a quintillion (1018) times increase in planetary radiofrequency (RF) radiation (compared to natural levels) due to the exponential increase in wireless technologies and infrastructure.

We must stop this advancement of corporate interests at the expense of people and the environment.
Raytech Gels
5 days ago
Enhancing Electrical Efficiency with Dielectric Insulators
Discover our diverse collection of dielectric gels, engineered to boost electric system reliability against high voltages and contaminants. Featuring silicone-based and liquid-rubber options, all IP68 certified for lasting dust and water resistance. Plus, our re-enterable gels remain flexible over time for repeated use.
5 days ago
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james siebert
5 days ago
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Harry Two
6 days ago
September 19, 2023 #ChurchMilitant #TheVortexWithMichaelVoris warroom realDonaldTrump RayUCFT
The fat lady is warning up to sing.
6 days ago
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Twisted Eagle
8 days ago
The EPA is trying to destroy one of the best water filtering systems on the market that can remove PFOA/PFAS, as well as other toxins like fluoride and even cesium-137, by arbitrarily classifying the technology used by Berkey filters as a pesticide, rather than a water filter.

Berkey is now suing the EPA, but the damage has already been done to their business and will prevent many people from being able to replace their filters and drink clean water.

Yet another example of how the government is poisoning you willfully. The EPA, FDA, USDA, CDC.... they're all criminal institutions that are destroying health, not protecting it. https://www.americanpartis...
8 days ago
X launches account verification based on government ID
Harry Two
9 days ago
September 15, 2023 #breakingnews #LindellNetwork #WorldViewReport realDonaldTrump warroom RayUCFT
The Biden Regime Is Scrambling to Deny Pressuring Big Tech To Censor Americans https://frankspeech.com/vi...
Harry Two
11 days ago
September 13, 2023 #LindellNetwork #WorldviewRadio realDonaldTrump warroom RayUCFT
What Korean War Brainwash Techniques Used on American POWs That Are Being Used on Americans in 2023? https://frankspeech.com/vi...
11 days ago
Discover the potential of wearable technology in healthcare. Know the key benefits and real-world examples to stay ahead in the evolving healthcare industry.
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11 days ago
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automaticsprinklerct of Connecticut
11 days ago
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jasonsboston jasonsboston
11 days ago
Crafting Wellness: Your Roadmap to Acupuncture Excellence

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CIPD Assignment Helper
13 days ago
The ability of technology to streamline and optimise everyday processes is one of the major advantages it has for HR. Payroll processing, attendance monitoring, and benefits management are examples of manual administrative procedures that are time-consuming and ****** e to mistakes. This is where HR technology can help. These activities can be efficiently handled by automated systems powered by AI and machine learning, freeing up HR personnel to concentrate on strategic initiatives that actually benefit the company.

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Twisted Eagle
16 days ago
Australia to invest and purchase "Ghost Shark" AI powered submarines as development enters the next stage. Rumours that over 70 will be made and AUKUS will enable the US to get part of Australia's Ghost Bat and Ghost Shark AI technology

Twisted Eagle
16 days ago
Australia to invest and purchase "Ghost Shark" AI powered submarines as development enters the next stage. Rumours that over 70 will be made and AUKUS will enable the US to get part of Australia's Ghost Bat and Ghost Shark AI technology

17 days ago
On-Chain Index Is Attending the Future Proof Conference–See You There!
On-Chain Index is excited to announce its attendance at the Future Proof conference in Huntington Beach, California on September 10-13th, 2023. Future Proof brings together thousands of financial advisors, wealth management executives, LPGs, ******* et managers, fintechs, emerging startups, and the media for a transformative four-day festival.
#OnChainIndex #futureproof
17 days ago
Ayurvedic Hospital in Chennai
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17 days ago
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Anzac Security
17 days ago
How Technology Is Impacting Police Background Checks Positively

Police background check Calgary is the most critical component for ensuring the safety and integrity of communities and with the advent of technology, it has become much more efficient and reliable. Nowadays background verification has become extremely important for businesses across the globe. Whether it is an employee or vendor verification, this helps prevent fraud and errors that can occur if the check is not conducted. Here in this blog post, we will enlist ways how technology is improving the identity verification sector. So, let’s dwell underneath. Please visit :https://anzacsecurity.blog...
Praytell Agency
17 days ago (E)
Brooklyn Advertising Agencies: Future Trends and Predictions

Explore the evolving landscape of advertising agencies in Brooklyn with insights, trends, and predictions. Gain valuable insights into the industry's latest developments and learn how advertising agencies adapt to changing consumer behavior's, technology advancements, and market dynamics. Whether you're a local business looking for advertising solutions or an industry enthusiast looking for insight into Brooklyn's advertising landscape, this article provides insight into the changing advertising landscape. Read more -


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